HP 8399-xxx B/W monitor repair


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1. About the Author

Author: Mike Thomas
E-Mail: thomasm@agcs.com
Version: 1.00
Date: 15 Jul 1993

The black and white displays were built by PHILIPS in Canada. The plant there has been shut down, when I last enquired with Philips re: purchasing spare parts, I was informed that they did not want to support anymore new customers for this product line. Philips makes the new HP b/w monitors too, but it looks as if everything is manufactured in Taiwan.

You can also get a list of technical info for the color and monochrome monitors, part of the Sync-On-Green (33KB) FAQ.

2. Disclaimer

All of these tips apply only for the 8399-XXX series of monitors. EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN WORKING ON MONITORS, THE MONO MONITOR HAS 18KV GOING TO THE CRT. Let your techs show you the ropes on monitor repairs, if you're going to be messing around with any live equipment. Be especially careful when doing focus adjustments, aside from personal risk you can smoke your board.

You may get shocked if you don't read these Notes on Safety V1.00 (7KB)

3. Handy-dandy guide for repairing mono monitor problems

4. Monochrome display cable pin outs

Pin 1 - ECL Video
Pin 2 - No connection
Pin 3 - Horizontal sync
Pin 4 - Vertical sync
Pin 5 - No connection
Pin 6 - ECL Video
Pin 7 - Video Shield
Pin 8 - Horizontal Sync Return
Pin 9 - Outer Shield Chassis

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