RC Offers


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1. WACO plans offerings

(From aerodesign@aol.com)

As a result of many, many requests, WACO study plans are available for designs listed below. Send $2.00 per plan set for postage, printing and to cover the general hassle involved ($5.00 for foreign mailing addresses). Study plans are three or four letter size pages with a three view, fuselage detail, wing detail, and empennage detail. Basic specifications are also provided. Cost will be applied toward any future purchase from WACO.

A limited number of WACO 95 catalogs remain from our last printing. Provide a mailing address to get one FREE.

30" span speed 400 pylon racer

1.5 meter span handlaunch

60" span slope racer

Top Quark
71" span FAI 10 cell electric

2-meter span thermal duration

120" span thermal duration

138" span thermal duration

196" span cross country

To order, send check, cash, or M.O. to:

944 Placid Ct
Arnold, MD 21012

E-mail orders will be accepted, we trust you to pay up (or else we'll mention your credit worthiness right here)

2. World Expert Radio Repair

(From Dennis L Goodrich)

The only authorized repair center for World Expert Radio's is:

B.J. Electronics
1466 Windward Dr
Mason, OH 45040
Tel: (513) 398-5423

A friend of mine has sent his radio in and got good service, fair prices.

Yes, the sticks seem to break in two and the chargers fail badly, but the radio has many good features.

3. Glass-Fused Sailplanes

(From Craig Logan)

Quality Fiberglass
Attn: Bob Sealy
2530 Zeb Warren Rd
Cookeville, TN 38501

Tel: 615-526-4770

He makes glass-fused sailplanes and used to have a fuse very close to the Sagitta.

4. New Muffler for All

(From Ken Jones)

New muffler for RC planes or cars. Total weight 54 grams. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and oxy acetylene welded. Noise output rated at 79-81 dbA at 9 feet tested on a K & B .61 at 11000 rpm with a 11 x 7 prop. Test specs available on request for different engines. Can be used as a primary muffler or as add on. No loss in rpm or power.

Ken Jones (519) 824-4377 v or (519) 824-6783 Fax. Guelph Ont Canada E-mail: Ken_Jones@nstar.vaxxine.com

Can be used on boats as well. Unit measures 3" long 2" wide and 1" thick.

5. Engine Chrome Plating

(From Iskandar Taib)

Send it off to be rechromed. Several people do chroming. Try:

Bob Oge
15477 Owens Road
Hinkley, IL 60520
Tel: (815) 286-3969

The price is right, and the used piston/liner set is actually better than a new one, since its already taken on a set.

And his chrome is Very Very Hard.... That's good for us...

6. Midwest Products Support

(From Mike McConville)

I am the Senior Design Engineer for Midwest Products, Inc. If you have any questions or comments concerning our kits, please post them [to rec.models.rc] and I will be happy to respond.

My e-mail is: midwmike@aol.com

7. SCALE & SLOPE Magazine

(From Wil Byers/Gregory Vasgerdsian)

P.O. BOX 4267


Dear R/C Soaring Enthusiast,

We want to announce the introduction of a new R/C soaring special interest publication beginning in July of this year. The publication will debut as a magazine entitled SCALE & SLOPE (SS). As you may have already guessed, it is a spin-off of the North American Scale Soaring Association and the enthusiasm created by those involved in NASSA. As such, this information startup is dedicated to R/C soaring enthusiasts, such as yourself, who have a keen interest in scale and slope soaring. SS, therefore, is planned as a premium quality, quarterly magazine dedicated to both R/C scale soaring and slope soaring.

Publicists of this new venture are fashioning it for modelers demanding more information and data in the burgeoning area of scale and slope soaring the world over. Consequently, SS will focus its attention on these specialized areas, however, it will also feature FAI formats when it benefits the readership. And, SCALE & SLOPE plans to gather reader material from a soaring community that spans the globe. SS's project blueprints call for feature articles covering a range of subjects such as a craftsman's corner, modeler interviews (dedicated to a distinguished modeler in the area of SS), product news, vintage scale, modern scale, Power Slope Scale, model sources, SS & FAI airfoils, slope racing, aerobatics, and scale 3-views. Additionally, a photo pictorial and just plain general scale and slope flying news will be included. Note too, SS will feature a professional 8.5" x 11" format with a color cover. So, if you are an individual who likes scale soaring and/or slope soaring you may be attracted to this new source of R/C soaring news. The introductory price for this quarterly publication is $19.95 a year. Payment may be made by check or money order to: SCALE & SLOPE, P.O. Box 4267, W. Richland, WA 99352; e-mail wilbyers@AOL.COM.

Lastly, we think, SCALE & SLOPE is going to attract contributors who will provide R/C soaring content such that it will benefit you the reader and your hobby.

E-mail: wilbyers@aol.com

P.S. In order to create a publication with as broad of informational base as possible we welcome any and all contributions.

8. Winfoil : Model Aircraft Airfoil Plotting Software

(From Malcolm Hardy)

Announcing Winfoil V2.0.4

I have developed a shareware windows program for plotting airfoils.

Its features include:

There are no restricted functions in the unregistered version and full online help is provided. The catch is that just ten airfoils are provided. The registered version features 120 Airfoils + 1 free upgrade.

Pricing Information


Phone: (AH) (02) 548 2982
E-mail: malhardy@ozemail.com.au

System Requirements

Winfoil runs on any IBM or 100% compatible with the Intel 386, 486 or Pentium CPU and requires Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11 or Windows NT. At least 4 MB of memory and 3.5 MB of hard disk space is required. Graphics modes supported are: EGA, VGA, 8514/A and Hercules. Winfoil will print to any Windows supported printer and can run on a network.

9. Plotfoil 3.1 (MSDOS/Unix)

(From Shamim P. Mohamed)

Announcing Plotfoil 3.1

Plotfoil 3.1 is now available for anoymous ftp:

   Site:        <a href="ftp://ickenham.isu.edu">ickenham.isu.edu</a>
   Files:       <a href="ftp://ickenham.isu.edu/pub/plotfoil.tar.gz">/pub/plotfoil.tar.gz</a>    source-code
                <a href="ftp://ickenham.isu.edu/pub/pf-3-1.zip">/pub/pf-3-1.zip</a>         MS-DOS executables (PKZIP'ed)

And also from:

   Site:        <a href="ftp://cnuce-arch.cnr.it">cnuce-arch.cnr.it</a>
   Files:       <a href="ftp://cnuce-arch.cnr.it/pub/rc/plotfoil.tar.gz">/pub/rc/plotfoil.tar.gz</a>    source-code
                <a href="ftp://cnuce-arch.cnr.it/pub/rc/pf3-1.src.zip">/pub/rc/pf3-1.src.zip</a>      source code (PKZIP'ed)
                <a href="ftp://cnuce-arch.cnr.it/pub/rc/pf-3-1.zip">/pub/rc/pf-3-1.zip</a>         MS-DOS executables (PKZIP'ed)
This is mostly a bug-fix release; the interactive mode in 3.0 didn't quite work, and NACA format files were not handled correctly. These have been fixed (I hope!), and a few minor mistakes also.

There is one new option: '-a' turns the plot through an angle, for wash-out or wash-in.

The source should compile on any system with a C compiler; I have only tried it on Unix systems (with gcc), and Borland Turbo-C on MS-DOS. I can provide Linux executables.

For anyone wondering what Plotfoil is, here's a section from the README file:

This is the "plotfoil" package for plotting airfoil sections and Manipulating section data. This is NOT shareware. You don't have to pay me anything to use this program. (But if you do send me money or gifts, I won't complain!) You can give this to your friends -- in fact, I encourage you to. However, it is NOT in the public domain; it is copyrighted. Read on for a summary of terms of copying and redistribution. If you like this program, please send me a nice picture postcard. Plotfoil generates PostScript, does interpolation, spars, templates and allowances for sheeting. Mixfoils blends airfoil sections, and editfoil changes camber and/or thickness.

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