NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : A lawn mower for the security minded    
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A lawn mower for the security minded

Smarter (and lower maintenance) than the average cow...

"This is a lawn mower that is solar powered and stays within a buried wire boundary. It also 'learns' the layout of your yard and will even put itself away at night. Does anyone have one of these devices? It sounds great, but at $1,500, I would like some real world product feedback."

(From: ranck@joesbar.cc.vt.edu).

I don't have one, but apparently the CIA has two. They use them in a courtyard that is completely surrounded by one of their buildings. The robo-mowers were seen as a better solution than having to have a security officer escort some person in/out and watch them mow.