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Comments on Briggs & Stratton versus Tecumseh engines

These two manufacturers produce the vast majority of small engines used in low to medium priced yard equipment.

I have always preferred Tecumseh engines over Briggs & Stratton though perhaps this is more of a touchy-feely thing than representing any really fundamental difference between the two. The float carburetors (e.g., Craftsman) do tend to gum up if the gas is not drained at the end of the season but they are easy to clean and rebuild. (Also, I have picked up several mowers dirt cheap at garage sales where the only problem was a gummed up carburetor - 15 minutes work to remedy.) Change the oil regularly and Tecumseh engines will keep going for a long time.

(From: BELJAN E (lvpy67c@ix.netcom.com).)

"What a JOKE!!! Try rebuilding a '72 carb sometimes, the floats are terrible, I finally slapped a '91 4 HP carb on the 4 HP '72 and it works now!!!! Some newer ones can be saved, but 10 years of sitting with LEADED gas, that spells the end."

Hehehe... A guy just sent me a couple of carbs that were probably closer to '72 than '91. A new needle, seat, and hinge pin (in one case) was all that was needed (beyond the gallon of carburetor cleaner!). :-)

(From: BELJAN E (lvpy67c@ix.netcom.com).)

"It depends on how the gas was in, if you drain the float, you should be able to get it clean. Another trick is to put Marvel Mystery Oil in the float assembly and let it sit there a week, in 99% of cases, that will get it running. On the '72 carb, The gas formed crystals around all of the parts, I put all sorts of carb cleaners in, and I replaced the rubber seal, float, needle, and all replaceable parts, it didn't work. I pulled the carb off (this happens to be a '72 Tecumseh off a Sears engine. My guess is that is was overhauled so I got it starting on one pull with starting fluid). I took a '91 Sears (Tecumseh) carb off and bolted it onto the engine, since this is a power reel mower, the engine isn't easily replaced, the new carb is from a primer type non-choke engine, so I made a rubber plug in the hose to the air filter assembly to spray starting fluid into the carb to start it. Now it works fine. It looks strange but runs great!"

(From: Thomas N. Harding ( harding@coypu.cig.mot.com).)

"I would like to add that Tecumseh engines are easy to rebuild. Most folks would be surprised how few parts are in them."

(From: Steve Ordinetz (steveord@xtdl.com).)

"Several years ago I worked with a guy who rebuilt small engines as a sideline, and he was partial to Briggs & Stratton because parts tended to be pretty standard from year to year, while Tecumseh were less interchangeable between similar engines of different vintage."

(From: Terry Highley (terry.highley@daytonoh.ncr.com).)

"I agree 100%!!!"

(From: BELJAN E (lvpy67c@ix.netcom.com).)

"Ha! I have had no trouble forcing Tecumseh engine parts to fit on same horsepower engines, and they all worked fine, I had spent over 30 minutes starting one with stale gas once though!"

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