NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : Comment on high wheeler and wish list   
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Comment on high wheeler and wish list

(From: Edward Rice (ehrice@his.com).)

I've got a non-propelled high-wheel, it's okay. Nothing very exciting. My lawn is hilly but not bumpy, and I had gotten the high-wheeler to assist in shifting over edging and over flag walkways, and it's okay for that - but not so great that I'd bother with a high-wheel design in the future.

What I would LOVE to get in the future, and maybe that 'weed whacker on steroids' is what I really need, is something that would let me go casually over edging, so the blade is cutting grass on one side and safely NOT cutting 1 to 2" river stones on the other side. This is made worse because the left-hand wheels on the stone (typically, with a right-throw mower) jiggle up and down enough that the occasional stone does get whupped.

I'd also be interested, if anybody makes one, in an OFFSET mower, in which the left-hand wheels were not to the left of the mower housing. By increasing the wheelbase and putting one fore and one aft, I would love for the left side of the mower to be cantilevered out with nothing under it but the blade, to let me get really close for edging. I don't want a specialized edger - I want a mower that can do the job through the simple expedient of getting the left-side wheels out of the way!