NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : Comments on mulching mowers             
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Comments on mulching mowers

(From: Jeff (kahlua53@aol.com).)Kahlua53

Mulching mowers are nice, you don't have to bag any of the grass that you cut. Mulchers do need a bigger engine, that's why if they are used to mulch make sure it is at least a 5 hp 21" or less ( 6hp for a bigger cut). Mulching adds moisture and acts as fertilizer for the lawn. The bad thing is that you need to cut the lawn every four to five days. If the grass gets too long the mower can't cut the grass as well as it should (also it's not good for the grass if you cut off more than a inch at a time that is when the mower is set at 3 inches). So for that reason it would not look that good if it was to rain a lot and you could not cut the grass. As for me I have both types that works out very well.