NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : Crankshaft-friendly blade sighted       
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Crankshaft-friendly blade sighted

(From: Thomas Prufer (Prufer@compuserve.com).)

I recently came across a description of a blade assembly similar to the one suggested by you to make bending the crankshaft difficult. This is in the Royal Horticultural Societies' "Encyclopedia of Gardening". In the tools and accessories section, under the "lawn mowers" subsection, a caption says: "Plastic disk. This cheap replacement part cuts the grass by rotating horizontally". The inset shows rotary, cylinder, and "Flymo" mowers. A picture of the part shows a disc almost the diameter of a regular blade, with one blade joined to the circumference by a pin so that centrifugal force keeps it radial. This blade is short and narrow compared to the plastic disc; no telling if it is plastic or metal. There is no further reference to this part in the text. In my translation, it is on page 465.

If only they had included a name or supplier!