NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : Do you need an overhaul?                
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Do you need an overhaul?

Many common problems can be remedied without going into the deep dark recesses of the engine. However, some will require either a partial or total overhaul. Eliminate all other possibilities from consideration before considering an overhaul - it will not be a fun afternoon (or weekend, or week, or month,....).

The following are indications that at least a partial overhaul may be needed:

In some cases, multiple problems may be present and/or there may just be excessive wear of parts like the cylinder, rings, and piston. Under these circumstances, the cylinder may need to be rebored to accept a replacement oversize piston and ring set. The cost of the parts and labor (you really don't want to rebore a cylinder) will likely be more than you want to spend. This is when a new engine or mower is the best option.

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