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Interesting lawn mower repairs

(From: Sean Smith (seansmith@racemark.com).)

When I was 17 and still living at home, mowing the lawn was part of my chores. Well, I didn't have a running lawn mower and my Mom insisted that I mow the lawn. She pretty much stated that she didn't care how I did it, as long as it got done.

So, I figured that I needed to get one of them running, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the exact problem was but I wasn't getting spark, so I figured that it had to be the magneto. Well, I didn't have the resources to get a new one, so I did the next best thing, I rewired it!

Mom comes out to find me mowing the lawn with a car battery and a coil strapped to the thing. Ran a line from the condenser to a spare coil I had for my VW Bug and strapped an AC/Delco to the thing and away I went. It was a bit heavy but it was better than nothing. I still wish I took pictures of it.

(From: Charles Gilley (gilley@bravewc.com).)

My coolest repair was rebuilding my B&S after letting the oil run out. After I put it back together and with great anticipation, I began to pull and pull and pull.... I was impressed. It was silky smooth, but the darn thing would not start. I sat down to rest, glanced at the bench... to see the valve lifters still sitting there.