NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : Mower and engine parts sources          
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Mower and engine parts sources

Most of the common maintenance and repair parts that are likely to be needed are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Your place of purchase may be most convenient but not necessarily the cheapest.

Many engine parts are fairly specialized and non-interchangeable unless the replacement part really is identical. However, even different model engines may use the same parts. For example, the identical connecting rod, piston, piston pin, camgear/camshaft and oil pump, valves, valve lifters, ignition components, and flywheels are used in several different 3-5 HP Tecumseh engines. Even the same crankshaft may be used in multiple models but slight variations like whether there is an auxiliary power take-off or not can complicate matters.

Carburetors, magnetos and other ignition components from similar sized engines from the same manufacturer may be substituted in many cases. I have even heard of people adapting a larger carburetor to a small engine (with varying levels of success).

Here are some of the alternatives for obtaining replacement parts: