NotTaR of small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers : Types of rotary mowers                  
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Types of rotary mowers

In addition to options with respect to gasoline or electric power, rotary mowers can be classified based on such things as: walk-behind vs. ride-on, to bag or not to bag, and rear or side discharge or mulcher: WARNING: Most lawn mowing accidents result from reckless or careless use of riding mowers and lawn tractors, not walk-behind mowers. These are not as stable as an automobile especially when their large bags are full of heavy, wet, grass clippings and may tip over on inclines that would not be a problem with someone in control of a walk-behind lawn mower. They are best and safest for use on large flat open lots. A walk-behind mower - perhaps even a manual reel mower - should be used for sloping or irregular areas and for mowing or trimming around obstructions like trees, shrubbery, landscaping timbers, posts, fences, planters, boulders, and so forth.
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