Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Black evenly spaced lines on laser print..  
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Black evenly spaced lines on laser printer or copier

(From: Edward Klotz (eklotz@www.flash.net).)

90% of the time it is the toner cartridge (or drum), If it is still exactly the same condition with the new cartridge, here is one exception: The fuser assembly has a rubber roller, I had one with an indentation in one spot, allowing toner to pack in the indentation & actually transfer a small character impression onto the fuser roller and then transfer it to the paper several times on each sheet. The fuser is very easy to remove(2 screws at the back). I temporarily worked the indent out of the soft rubber, but eventually replaced the fuser assembly.

(From: Dave Lee (leedj@uwec.edu).)

According to "Image Defects, Repetitive image defect ruler in LJ4", the cause would me the "Primary Charging Roller", is 1.5 inches or 38 mm around. Start with that, swap with another printer is possible, or order one, try Parts Now, Inc, 800/886-6688 or The Printer Works, 800/235-6116 or Global Printer Service, 800/588-3554.