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Brother IntelliFax 950M transmits black messy lines

"I have a Brother IntelliFax 950M plain paper fax that transmits with black lines or dots. When making just a copy the prints are just as bad. The prints are tiny square dots that make up these lines. It looks like digital problems and not dust on the lens. I'm not very familiar with plain paper faxes. It looks like a scanning failure. I'm guessing at a scanner or some other circuit board. Receiving faxes are ok. Has any one had experience with the Brother Intellifax 950M? Also, Brother has a part called a NUC printed circuit board. Would this be some sort of scanner?

(From: MECHSHOT (mechshot@aol.com).)

This problem is a known fault because Brother assembled these units with what turned out to be defective scanners. They would fail after some time, typically withing 2 to 3 years. I know, we have 3 that failed and they were all built around the same time. The good news is Brother will supply the part (worth about $120) if you pay for the labor (usually around 55-85). Contact Brother Customer Service (the 800 number is in your owner's manual) and they will refer you to an authorized service center. Get a bunch (if possible) of different shops in your area, they charge different labor costs. You must supply your machine's serial number to see if it is eligible for this program.

Then customer service will make out work order, send it along with part to center of your choice.

All of the centers I spoke to were aware of this problem and were confident once fixed, the units were very good and reliable afterwards. Check local office equipment repair houses for more info too. Hope this helps.