Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Comments on copier cleanliness          
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Comments on copier cleanliness

Copiers are about the ickiest equipment to dismantle with all that black toner over everything!

(From: Morton Lee Cohen (cx163@FreeNet.Carleton.CA).)

There is toner over a lot of places in copiers, not so much due to customer problems, but due to lazy service technicians, trying to raise their average call per day ratios. Service Technicians often get calls to do Periodical maintenance on copiers late in the day and rush to leave an account at 5pm, so many overlook non-important parts of the copier to clean during a maintenance of a copier.

And as far as the toner sensor goes, lots of times toner cakes on the sensor and the copier never tells the customer that it needs toner, when the copies start getting light, that the copier starts pulling developer from the developer tray, and that it gets messy.

Not all copiers are created equal and not all service technicians are created equal, either also. Some will always be better than others. But the best policy is always to tell the truth. My telling the truth, you tell the customer where the problem exists.

Never lie, because if you lie, one always has the remember what they lied about. From the writers of Star Trek - The Next Generation. And I practice that in dealing with customers and myself.