Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Copies too light                        
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Copies too light

Aside from a misadjusted 'darkness' control, improper voltages, dirty corona wires, and worn drum, don't overlook the trivial: your paper may be incorrect or damp.

(From: Morton Lee Cohen ya484@@vtn1.victoria.tc.ca).)

I am a former copier tech. that worked on Konica copiers. To get good results from your copier, a periodical maintenance should be perform on the copier, every so many copies or once a year, depending on which event occurs first.

During a PM, the optics, corona wires, drum gets cleaned. The Fixing unit gets cleaned, and serviced. The Developer gets replaced. And adjustments are performed, if needed only.

The developer transports the toner to the charged area of the drum and developer gets weak over time. Developer is made up of iron filings.