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HP DJ340 shuts off during printing

(This may also apply to other battery powered printers.

"Whenever I send a heavily formatted print job to a DJ340 printer, it prints 1/3 to 1/2 a page and then power shuts off! This so far has happened in TTAX97 and Netscape 4.03. OS is Win95 and I'm using the latest driver for this printer. The printer otherwise prints test pages and simple jobs OK."

(From: Paul Grohe (grohe@galaxy.nsc.com).)

I know this sounds silly, but how old are the batteries?

My guess is that the battery is probably getting weak. Heavy graphic content and "fancy" fonts users (of which TTax and Netscape qualify) will "swipe" the head more per line than the "text and lines" of the test pages. Moving that print head uses a lot of power!

Does the unit work on the adapter - without the battery? If not, then it relies mainly on the battery for power, and the adapter just charges the battery in between jobs. A weak battery could be drained after a short time.

If it works without the battery, then the battery could be going bad, causing the charger to dump too much current into the battery and "rob" some of the power from the printer.

There is a "Troubleshooting" note in the printers "FAQ" on HP's site.

It basically says to check the batteries and make sure you are using the correct power supply.

Try replacing the battery. If you bought it at a local store, take it back and see if they have another battery to check it with.

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