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HP LaserJet I fuser swapping and other tidbits

(From: Tony Duell (ard@p850ug1.demon.co.uk).)

What you need to do (if you're going to remove the whole assembly) is to remove the (brown) cover that's flat on the printer chassis just behind the 'tower' at the front that contains the interlock switch and AC control boards (where you removed the fuser heater wires from). Under that cover there's a little 4-way connector that links the fuser thermistor back to the engine control PCB (DC controller). Unplug that.

Then you can remove the 4 screws that hold the fuser in place, lift it up a bit, and free the heater wiring from the channel in the baseplate. The whole fuser then comes out.

These fusers can be stripped and rebuilt - I've done it. If the old one still heats up, keep it for the heater lamp that's in it - that lamp does fail, and it's not that hard to replace. It's a quartz-halogen bulb, so you shouldn't touch the 'glass'. The safest place to store it is in the old fuser.

These printers are that bad. I've had one stripped down to individual components (even dismantled the optical assembly), and have it running now. But the SX engine (LJ2, etc) are a lot easier to dismantle into modules (and in some cases harder to replace individual components on...)