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HP LaserJet II with dark bands on first page

(Problem and solution from: Ken Eckert (eckert@sfu.ca).)

I have a LJ II that has the following problem:

"The problem is a dark horizontal band starting at line 1, about 1/2" wide, indistinct edges. Repeats down the page at same length as the optical drum circumference. Problem is present only on page 1 of a print job. All other pages are clean. When the engine is stopped at the beginning of the print process a large amount of toner is present on the OPC in a band. Band gets darker and larger the more time between successive print jobs is incurred.

Swapping cartridges has no effect."

The problem turned out to be the chassis wiring harness from the DCA controller to the HV module. There was a bad connection between the HV module and the chassis connector only when the module was inserted. I ended up extracting and soldering all the crimped pins in the connector. I suspect that it was probably the HV reset line that was the problem.