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HP LaserJet IID Error 13

(From: John H. Meyer (John_Meyer@compuserve.com).)

(I finally found the cause of the problem described below: One of the voltage outputs on the main power supply was blown. Had the power supply refurbished and everything works perfectly.)

"LaserJet IID gives Error 13 message immediately upon warmup. (This is paper jam message.) The paper path, however, is totally clear. I've taken things apart and cleaned the exit sensor and paper path. Unit is quite clean. I've downloaded information on Error 13 and have tried everything except replacing DC controller card ($200-$400 part). I took the unit to two different repair places. One tried swapping out the fuser assembly -- that didn't help, and that was all they were willing to do for their free diagnosis. MicroAge charge me $$ for a few hours troubleshooting and tried swapping out the main motor. No help. They also claim to have electrically checked the exit sensor. They said that the only thing left was to replace the DC controller card, but they didn't have one to swap in, so I'd have to pay up-front for the card.

I didn't do this. Instead, I took the unit back home and pulled the DC controller card. I tested all the discrete parts (simple diode tests on the transistors), and they all test OK. Two questions:

  1. Does anyone have other suggestions of things to try?

  2. Does anyone have a recommendation on where else to get a DC controller card for less money?"

(From: Dave Lee (leedj@uwec.edu).)

Had almost the same problem about a year ago, problem was the AC Power Module, just needed reseating. ACPM is located in right rear corner, just under ozone filter and upper cooling fan. Fuser assembly must also be removed to get to one of the 4 screws that hold the ACPM to frame. Remove the ACPM and then put back in place, thats all I had to do. Has been working since Feb 1995.

But another thought about this, are you sure that something isn't jammed where paper from botton tray comes up just in front of the registration assembly. If you remove the reg. assembly, there is a clear plastic guide that is held in place by 2 screws. Remove this and check to see if maybe something is jammed by that sensor.

As far as a good price on DC Controller board, I would call Parts Now, Inc. at 1-800-886-6688 or The Printer Works, 1-800-235-6116. I know that Parts Now sells either repaired or used or exchanged boards, probably a LOT less than what you were quoted.

(From: John Meyer (john.meyer@worldnet.att.net).)

Thanks for very complete reply. Your message sparks a lightbulb. When I first took the cover off when this problems initially surfaced, I took the power unit apart from the top (took of the little fan, and then started disassembling it). When I put it back together, things worked. I then put the top main cover back on, and things didn't work again. Nothing has worked since. However, I never took the whole assembly out and therefore never got to the connector. I'll try this and let you know what happens.

I don't use the bottom tray because the bottom paper path is prone to jamming, and has been for years. However, it is possible that someone (I have a four year old boy) may have jammed something in there. I have looked for such a jam and haven't seen it, but based on your input, I will try again.

(From: Dave Lee (leedj@uwec.edu).)

As far as the jamming from bottom tray goes, 2 areas to look at:

  1. Remove the registration unit, its the first assembly inside the printer. Open cover, its the part with the hinged assembly with a small green handle. (Not the fuser, this is right inside the printer). Remove both paprer trays, registration assembly is held in by 4 screws. Under that is clear plastic guide held in by 2 screws. Remove this guide, and you should be able to inspect path from bottom tray for an obstruction. Also check the clear plastic guide, something may be caught in the guide.

  2. Paper pickup roller for bottom tray may be glazed or very dirty. Clean with damp rag (water will work) although some "Fedron" cleaner is best but hard to find.

Do this after you get the error 13 fixed so you don't compound the problem.

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