Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : HP LaserJet IIIP power up problems      
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HP LaserJet IIIP power up problems

"I have a HP Laser Jet IIIp, The problem is when it is switched on, the printer can do one of two things; the panel lights up and displays 05 Self Test and then switches off after around 3 Seconds, and other times nothing happens at all."

(From: Pete (PTCull@lbl.gov).)

If you have a voltmeter, J212 on the DC Controller is a good place to start checking. Blue wires are earth/ground, brown is +5 VDC, orange is +12VDC, and the red wires have +24VDC.

However, it sounds like a nice time for known good spares or another known good LX engine to borrow known good assemblies from.