Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : HP LaserJet Series II intermittent      
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HP LaserJet Series II intermittent

"My new (to me) HP Laserjet Series II printer seems to have a power supply problem, although its previous owner said his supplier/servicer suggested the problem was 'probably due to a fryed mainboard' and promptly sold him a new printer. Lucky me. :-)

It works fine for a while, then starts to cycle between "12 Printer Open" and "00 Ready" before the fan in the power supply area drops in speed at the same time. I notice that the lamp on my desk flickers occasionally, even when the printer shows "00 Ready". Tapping the cover at any time immediately brings on the "12 Printer Open" message and fan speed drop-off. The cycle eventually ends with a "67 Service" message."

(From: Larry Sabo (lsabo@freenet.carleton.ca).)

The cause of the problem was an intermittent connection in the DC power supply, where the daughter board is attached to the pcb with a right-angle connector. I got so tired of removing and reassembling the power supply, I just jammed an empty plastic scotch tape role to hold it in position, and it has worked like a charm ever since.