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Laser Printer info

"Is there any info available on the net on how Laser Printers work, & how to fix them? I've worked on a few, & am learning the hard way, but could use all the help I can get."

(From: Robert Blackshaw (blckshaw@clark.net).)

Lotsa luck! I have an HP LaserJet 500+, an Apple Lasewriter Plus, and a Xante AcceleWriter which were DOA and which all now see active duty. The only piece of information that I have that is very useful is the HP Printer Service Manual P/N 02686-90920 that I got AFTER solving the LaserWriter Plus' problems.

I went through Border's Books and other computer book shops looking for anything covering laser printer internals with no luck at all. It's your brain and logic, and luck.

One thing that will cause you grief on the older CX engine based printers are those *insulation displacement* connectors they used. Occasional no contact problems are usually solved by pressing the wires into the plug.