Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Okidata printer that's streaking        
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Okidata printer that's streaking

(From: Dan Fraser (dmfraser@rogers.wave.ca).)

These printers need a new drum every 4-5 toner refills. They are designed that way to fool you into buying them as the toner is cheap. Then they get you later at drum time. The drum is a consumable and does NOT last the life of the printer. Resign yourself to a new drum every 4-5 toners or so. That's the system.

(From: Chris Laudan (chris.laudan@zetnet.co.uk).)

Yup, agree with this. The cleaner unit has a fine clear plastic strip that removes old toner from a roller, in time this develops fine kinks or scratches which let old toner stay on roller, hence streaks. If this strip is OK and machine says need new cleaner unit, you CAN carefully empty cleaner unit and carry on, but you must be careful not to damage strip doing this. Best to replace unit as above,