Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Paper debris clogging Epson LQ-570      
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Paper debris clogging Epson LQ-570

"I have an Epson LQ-570 series dot-matrix printer that has developed an intermittent paper feed problem over the past year or so. It uses a push tractor for sprocket-feed paper, and paper tends to bunch up under the platen. There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to remove the platen to see what the paper's catching on, indeed the FAQ on Epson's website says it can't be removed, and to bring it in to the dealer for repair."

(From: Asimov (Asimov@juxta.mn.pubnix.net).)

Remove everything that is normally accessible. Then flip the printer on its back and play a vigorous drum roll all over it. This should dislodge a huge amount of "holes". Didn't you always wonder where those perforations went? Well, some of them make it into clogging up under the platten.

Flip the printer on its side and with a thin brush dust the remaining grime away. If the jam didn't clear up you might try manually inserting a stiffer paper (postcard, greeting card, etc) a few times before dismantling the platen assembly any further.