Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Printer schematics?                     
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Printer schematics?

"Working "on my own" Okidata microline 590. Need a print of mother PCB and regulator PCB. A copy of the schematic will save time and let this OLD TV tech enjoy life.... Thanks"

(From: Joe Wagg (jwagg@fs.cei.net).)

Good luck. Even the Okidata service manuals don't have schematics. The easiest and most cost effective way I know to fix these printers is to send the board off to be repaired. I'm not sure about the price, but the logic board for that model is probably around $100, assuming you send yours in to be repaired. This way you get a known good board with a guarantee. I suggest using Laser Impact, address below. Hope this helps.

(From: Uncle Monster (unclemon@bellsouth.net).)

Try "Ted Dasher & Associates" (http://www.dasher.com), 1-800-638-4833. Ted sells refurbished HP equipment out of Birmingham, AL, He may sell you the parts, info or a trashed printer with the parts you need.