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Resetting "REPL.DRUM" error on Sharp JX-9460

This will probably work for other laser printers as well though the details may vary. Use at your own risk!

(From Owen Solberg (osolberg@infinex.com).)

If your Sharp JX-9460 laser printer has decided it is time to give you the "REPL.DRUM" message on the LCD screen, but the print quality is still fine, then all you need to do is fool the page counter to think a new drum has been put in. Here's how:

  1. Open the cover and remove the photo-drum.

  2. Look down into the area under where the drum was. On the right hand side, you will see two circular metal contacts. You will also see two "slots" on the far right side. These slots mesh with plastic tabs on the drum cartridge.

  3. At this point you will need two paper clips. Use the first one (unbent) to insert into the FORWARD-MOST slot. You don't have to push it very far. You will hear a click and the LCD panel will probably go from saying "COVER OPEN" to saying "REPL.DRUM." Keep holding the paper clip in the slot while you:

  4. Touch the 2 ends of another paper clip BRIEFLY to the two circular metal contacts. (you will have to unbend the paper clip a little.) It will spark a little. Don't worry, it is only 4 volts. But I wouldn't hold it there for too long.

Anyway, the theory behind this is that the new cartridge comes with a fuse in it which is blown by the 4 volts the first time you insert the cartridge. That is what resets the counter. Better than spending $190 on a new drum, right?

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