Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Problems with Ricoh copier              
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Problems with Ricoh copier

"Some time ago I got a big and heavy RICOH xerox copier and I have got a problem with it:

The output of the device is very poor: Passages which should be black are only light grey. If the contrast is turned on to the maximum the whole sheet gets grey. The copies look as if there would be only a little bit of toner on the drum. In order to solve the problem I already checked the optics, the corona wires and voltages and I filled up the toner. My question now is whether it is possible that the drum is defect? What else could cause such a failure?

Since the device is quite old (1988) spare parts are not easy to get, but the mechanics looks quite well so I do not want to loose the device."

(From: Copenhagen Cowboy (cowboy@fastlane.net).)

I am a Copier Repair Tech and have a few suggestions for you. First, what does a Blackout look like? What I mean is, make a copy with the lid up, and check to see how Black it is. Note to see if there is any "Grit" on the paper. Most likely if there is no Grit, and the Black area is Grey, then I would suggest changing the Developer (or you might even have a Developer Drive Problem [gears and stuff]). If there is a fine layer of Developer on the page, you probably have a Drum Grounding problem.