Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection : Types of HP ink-jet technology printers 
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Types of HP ink-jet technology printers

(From: Paul Grohe (grohe@galaxy.nsc.com).)

The PaintJet printers are 180 DPI and the DeskJet printers are 300 DPI. The resolution of the PaintJet is about that of a poor 24 pin printer. The PaintJet and ThinkJet printers are also PCL, so you can use a HP laser printer driver set to 150 DPI.

There seem to be currently four levels of HP ink-jet printers:

  1. ThinkJet/QuietJet: The original. Small see-through bladder cartridges. These are small, compact, quiet, form-feed printers. Text quality was about that of a 9 pin (I still love the little ThinkJet printer; damn near indestructible, small, and built-in Epson emulation). (BTW, look in the 1989 HP Optoelectronics handbook for the datasheet of the miniature ThinkJet cartridge). Original cartridges needed special paper for best printing. Replacement cartridges that print on plain paper are now available.

  2. PaintJet: The first color printers. Cartridges are bigger, 'squarish' and usually are mounted horizontally. Resolution is the same as their 'little brothers', the Thinkjets (180 DPI). There are black, combined color and separate color cartridges (and sizes) available for the different printers. Printers were generally form-feed.

  3. DeskJet/DeskWriter: 300 DPI. BIG improvement. Cartridges mount vertically. Black and combined color cartridges are available. Printers are sheet feed and plain paper printing.

  4. DeskJet 800 series: 600x300 DPI B&W, 300x300 DPI color. Cartridges are tall and narrow and mount vertically. Damn near laser quality w/special paper.

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