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Upgrading Apple LaserWriter to LaserWriter Plus

It may be possible to upgrade your Apple LaserWriter if you have a partially dead LaserWriter Plus.

(From: Ralph Wade Phillips" (ralphp@techie.com).)

There are two ways. One is to swap the eight or sixteen ROMS from the Plus into the same sockets on the LaserWriter, !AND! to swap the programming shunt assembly ( a set of four jumpers in a 16 or 24 pin DIP socket), placing it in the exact SAME place. The easier way, if you have both printers, would be to remove the upper cage and swap THAT. This will mess up the page count, however, that's not such a big deal nowadays (not on a CX engine - after all, does it REALLY matter on a '88 Dodge Aries K that it's got 213K miles or 127K miles? ... )