FCC ID Numbers Cross Reference

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  1.1) Introduction: What is an FCC ID

In the United States (other countries have their versions of same - but they are incompatible and completely different) a product that emits any frequency above 500KHz must be inspected and approved by the FCC (Federal Communication Comission). Once approved, it is issued an ID number that begins with a 3 letter code for the company that makes it, followed by another number that actually identifies the inspection. Example: DZLSCB4-PC-MCR (my Logitech Scanman 256. :-) The most CRITICAL are the first 3 characters (DZL), as far as we're concerned, anyways. That's because we are most interested in who made some device, not what the FCC thinks of it. :-)

  1.2) Can I look up what PRODUCT an ID belongs to?

The FCC ID SEARCH FORM provides quick access to manufacturer info, operating frequency range, the application and grant, and any exhibits that may have been provided.

  1.3) I just want to know WHO made it

The FCC keeps this information in .DBF format (binary Dbase III). They do have several documents that describe the field layout on-line:

2. PART 2: Other FCC info

  2.1) Computer Video Monitors

    2.1.1) About the Author

FCC ID Numbers Cross Reference

Author: Andy Laberge
E-Mail: tic-toc@wolfe.net
Date: 22 Apr 1995

    2.1.2) List

Below is a list of FCC ID numbers for monitors.

I have just started to list the monitors as they come into my shop for repair. What I want to do is create a cross reference for monitors so that technicians and consumers can tell what monitors are similar to others. An example is:

FCC ID             Make           Model
CSYSC-431VA        BSR            3100V
CSYSC-431VS        SAMTRON        SC-428VS

These two monitors are basically identical. I've worked on both types. The point is that if someone has a problem with a BSR and another person has a cure for the same type problem on a Samtron then the BSR can be fixed.

If people would like to e-mail me info off the back of their monitors I will add it to the list and then make that list available.

e-mail me at tic-toc@wolfe.net

I will need Make, Model and the FCC ID number. This system works in the US but if they use another system to ID monitors in other countries we will incorporate that into the system somehow. Hopefully this will help the people with the problem and the people with the solutions get together.

    2.1.3) Cross-Reference

Sorted by ID number

                   RADIUS         TPD
                   WYSE           WY-50
5F7NF13CM20        HEWITT-RAND    HR-SV-14
A3L9QN5154         IBM            5154
A3L9QNC1452M       IMTEC          1453MI
A3L9QNTWB          PACKARD/BELL   PB1431
A7RM260A           SCOTT          SM2350A
ACJ928KMX-F408     PANASONIC      C1395
AMPJK1461          WEN            JK1461
ARSCM3350          POWERII        HIGHRES3E
ATO90CZCM1492      ZENITH         ZCM-1492
ATO9M7DC13492R     ZENITH         ZVM-1330
BEJCA453           APPLE          M1787
BJM9UBCM12A01      IBM            8513
BJM9UBMM1232       IBM            8503
BRFCAC14NF         TOUCH          CAD14NF
C4ZYG0010          SEIKO          CM-1440C
C5F7NF13CM14       IBM            8512-001
CKL8J7HMM-1401     HYUNDAI        HMM-401
CKLHCM-421         HYUNDAI        HCM-421E
CSYSC-431VA        BSR            3100V
CSYSC-431VS        SAMTRON        SC-428VS
DBLCMS-1461A       CTX            CMS-1461
DBLCVP-5468NI      CTX            CVP-5468NI
E808ZATE9513       RELYSIS        RE9513
FEK8J7TM-5156H     CASPER         TM-5156
FVI7034T           VIEWSONIC      7034T
FVI7035B           ADDONICS       7035B
G2DVGM-1414        ALR            VGM-1414
GBVCK1405          KFC            CK-1405
GQBXXX4290         COMPAQ         420T
IAWLX1564          GATEWAY        CS-1572FS
IEHVM1491H         VIT            VM1491H
IQXSRC1451         SHAMROCK       SRC1451

    2.1.4) Official Cross-referece

(From the FCC)

Pending Authorizations:

Information on pending and recently granted equipment authorization applications is only available through OET's Public Access Link (PAL). PAL is a computer bulletin board system (BBS) that can be reached via the public switched network at +1 (301) 725-1072. The modem setting are: 8-n-1. The PAL system provides access to both pending and granted equipment authorization records; however, it is by FCCID only.

3. UL Numbers

There also exists a list of UL numbers at URL:

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