Where can I get a manual/schematics for equipment?

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[Test areas are mostly HP and Tektronix oriented]


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1. Contributors

Note: If you represent a firm that provides schematics to consumers (min quantity of 1 and under $100 minimum order), please

information. Thanks!

Rich Osman, Michael Covington, Jim Mc Vein, Richard D. McRoberts, Jeff Gruszynski, James Walker, Bill Mayhew, Stanley Perkins, Mike Serafin, Thomas G Booth, Scott Holderman, John T. Black, Ronald Zettlemoyer, Jerilyn McLaren, Paul Hudson, Stan Griffiths W7NI, Terry O'Laughlin, Mark Wolfe, Joel Kolstad, Jim Tannenbaum, Bob Parnass AJ9S, Gary H. Harmon, Jr., Nigel Cook, Tony Bailey, and John De Armond

2. Tektronix Manuals/Parts

3. Hewlett Packard (HP) Manuals

4. HP component lookup

(From Walter Shawlee 2)

Sphere Research Corporation
1955A Moss Court
Kelowna, BC, Canada V1Y 9L3
Tel: +1 (250) 762-5455
Fax: +1 (250) 762-0244
E-Mail: walter2@sphere.bc.ca
WWW: http://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/

We have a huge HP->to->Industry Standard Semiconductor cross-reference. [Decode all those odd 1820-xxx numbers!] Also HP and Tek repair parts and equipment on-line, plus helpful FAQs and links to all kinds of test gear sites. We also have a big used equipment site on line for Canadians.

5. BK/B&K/B+K

B+K Precision
Maxtec International Corp.
6470 W. Cortland St. (could be '6460')
Chicago IL 60635
Tel: (312) 889-1448
Fax: (312) 794-9740

Ask them for the servicing information manual and calibration procedure. Inform them of the model year and serial number.

6. Various Other Manuals Sources

  6.1) Domain BBS

Domain BBS
Tel: 1-208-375-6571

Marty Gasmans service manuals are included as are manuals from other individuals. You may search the database while online, add your own entries, change your own entries and delete your own entries. Anyone may log onto the BBS and search any of the databases. Please feel free to add service manuals that you no longer need and would like to sell. If you have a very large list of manuals, contact the sys-op for a free database program that will let you enter the manuals off-line and then upload them to the database.

  6.2) Trilithic

9202 E. 33 St.
Indianapolis, IN 46236-4200
Tel: (317)895-3600

They provide support and manuals for older Texscan brand spectrum analyzers, signal generators, or field strength meters.

  6.3) Fair Radio Sales

Fair Radio Sales
Lima, OH
Tel: 1-419-223-2196
Tel: 1-419-227-6573 (old?)

They carry some older manuals as well as tubes of all sorts. Call them and ask for a catalog.

  6.4) Diverse Devices

Diverse Devices
75 Priory Rd
St Denys, Southampton
England SO17 2JQ
Tel/Fax: (+44) (-0)1703 584680
E-Mail: diverse@tcp.co.uk
WWW: http://www.tcp.co.uk/~diverse/

(From Nigel Cook)

Shop stocking Obscure/Obsolete Components, Second hand test equipment, Pinouts, Service Manuals, and Schematics and more.

  6.5) Marty Gasman's Manuals

Marty Gasman's Manuals
E-Mail: mgasman@tiac.net
WWW: http://www.tiac.net/users/mgasman

I have over 3,000 audio service manuals audio owner's manuals original manufacturer's literature.


E-Mail: w7fg@eigen.net
WWW: http://eigen.net/w7fg/

We have over 3000 manuals in stock, and ship 6 days a week. Mostly ham and test equipment manuals.

  6.7) Manuals Plus

Manuals Plus
P.O. Box 549
TAD #601
Tooele, Utah 84074
Tel: 801-882-7188
Tel: 1-206-531-8031 (might be disconnected)
Fax: 801-882-7195
E-Mail: jackh@manualsplus.com
WWW: http://www.manualsplus.com/

These folks sell and buy service manuals and parts for test equipment. Expect to pay $30-$50. I've been hit for over $100 on manuals for newer equipment.

(From their Home Page)

Manuals Plus sells and purchases used Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment Manuals. We maintain a large stock of original (not photocopied) test equipment manuals for equipment manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix, Fluke/Philips, Wavetek, Wiltron, GenRad, IFR, Systron-Donner, and many others. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to client requirements in a prompt manner.

  6.8) Service Center

Service Center
Paramus NJ
Tel: (201) 262-9550

They have Service/Information on Fluke meters.

  6.9) Tucker Electronics

Tucker Electronics
Dallas, TX
Tel: 1-800-527-4642

They are another good source of used manuals for older instruments.

  6.10) Alton H. Bowman (W2ZUX)

Alton H. Bowman (W2ZUX)
4172 East Ave., RD2
Canandaigua, NY 14424-9564

Al says he has manuals for everything from garage door openers to electronic organs, CB radio (gulp), test equipment, ham radio, etc. He specializes in equipment from the 1920-1970 era, and says,

" Most of my material is tube type (that could mean BAs for those of you in Rio Linda). [...] I charge $5 for a schematic with 1-6 pages of text. Real complicated schematics I enlarge to 11X17, same price. Manual proces depend on the number of pages; 6-10 pages $6, 16-30 pages $8, etc. Material is good photocopy, subject to yur approval, or your money refunded."

  6.11) McIntosh Home Audio

McIntosh Home Audio
Tel: (607) 723-3512

Schematics for McIntosh Home Audio are free from McIntosh.

  6.12) Delco Manuals and Parts

(From Scott Perkins)

GM Delco Publications
Tel: 1-313-974-0341

"...the last time I got schematics they were at no charge!!"

  6.13) Sansui Schematics

(From Mark Zacharias)

Sansui Schematics are available from:

Fox International
Tel: 1-800-321-6993

As of 2 or 3 years ago, schematics, but not full service manuals, were available for older Sansui units at a very nominal cost. The only problem is that you may have to wait three or four weeks to get it.

7. Heathkit Schematics/Parts

  7.1) Heathkit Education Systems

Heathkit Education Systems
Heath Company
PO Box 1288
455 Riverview Dr
Benton Harbor Mi 49023-1288

Catalog/Mailing list subscribe:  1-800-44-HEATH
Order by Phone                :  1-800-253-0570
Order by FAX                  :  1-616-925-4876
Customer Service              :  1-800-253-0570
Technical Consulting          :  1-616-925-4914
Parts Replacement/Repairs     :  1-616-925-3273
Manuals                       :  1-616-925-5899 (8-4 EST)

  7.2) The Manual Man

The Manual Man
27 Walling St
Sayreville, NJ 08872
Tel: (908) 238-8964

8. Computer Schematics

(From JohnM@daka.com)

Detailed schematics for Mac's are available. They can be obtained from:

Bomarc Services
P.O. Box 1113
Casper Wyo 82602
Tel: (307) 234-3488

9. Misc Articles/Info

10. SAMS Manuals

  10.1) New

Howard W Sams & Company
2647 Waterfront Parkway East Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46214-2041
Tel: 1-800-GET-SAMS
Tel: 1-800-428-5331
Tel: 1-800-428-7267

Ask for a catalogue. Sams Photofacts is a company that publishes service data on TVs and radios going back to the 1930s. More importantly, their catalogue is full of ads for parts suppliers, and it also gives manufacturers' addresses.

  10.2) Used (but a lot cheaper)

(From Jim Tannenbaum)

A. G. Tannenbaum
P. O. Box 386
Ambler, PA 19002
Tel: (215) 540-8055
Fax: (215) 540-8327
E-Mail: k2bn@agtannenbaum.com
WWW: http://www.agtannenbaum.com/

(From their Home Page)

Try us for Service Manuals for Radio, TV, VCR, as well as Antique, Amateur, Audio, and Test Equipment. We buy and sell Vintage Radios, TVs, Tube Hi-Fi Equipment, Test Equipment and Hard to Find Repair Parts. Don't forget our extensive collection of SAMS Photofacts! Didn't find the manual you need? Check back soon, we constantly update our website. Or send us mail, since we stock more than we can list here.

(From Michael Roberge)

Sams PhotoFact folders:

VCR manuals(Sams or Originals) are $15.00/each. Please Call for other manuals.

This source carries previously owned schematics for VCR, TV, AUDIO and some test equipment. Being previously owned they are able to resell them for a fraction of the cost of new. Coupled with this is the fact that they have a wide selection from many manufactures. They carry SAMS PHOTOFACTS and original manufactures service literature. I have personally purchased many manuals from this source. Initially I was concerned that they are used but I must say that this has not been a problem. Never has a single page been missing and otherwise in almost like new condition.

In the event that they don't have the exact schematic for a specific model the owners have cross reference manuals which they use in an effort to locate possible 'look-a-like' chassis for which they might have a manual. I am told that they have many...many filing cabinets full of manuals.

Payment is generally expected in advance until a good working relationship is established. All manuals are shipped first class for $1.50 and they get them out fast.

11. VGA/SVGA Monitor Schematics

Before you send off for any schematic, it is highly recommended that you:

Some problems can be fixed without one and in other cases, a schematic will not help to begin with. Most schematics will cost over US$35 and, as a rule, are NOT returnable!

In your post to sci.electronics.repair, please include:

  1. Brand, Model Number, and FCC code
  2. Clear and accurate description of the problem
  3. How the problem appeared and what are the symptoms
  4. What you have checked already (including the FAQ!)
  5. The level of your electronics repair experience

12. Misc Trivia

HP's 54600 series knows how to play Tetris!

In the Display/Utility menu, press soft keys 2 and 3 both at once. Or maybe it's 1 and 2. Or maybe 3 and 4. :-) [One of those two other key combinations will get you into a cool debugging menu!])

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