Surface Mount (SMD) Transistors/Diode FAQ


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Chapter 1) Introduction

  1.1) About the Author

Author: Dave Roberts
E-Mail: 0dfx@live.com
Date: 28 Jul 1995

  1.2) Disclaimer & Copyright

All the above information has been gathered from multiple sources that I have managed to track down, so hopefully it will all be correct and accurate to my knowledge, any additions can be e-mail'd to myself and the list will be updated for the next release of the FAQ, hope you find this information useful.

Copyright (c) 1995, 1996 by Dave Roberts. All rights reserved.

If you are going to use this list or put it on any site for downloading please leave this readme intact to at least acknowledge the work that has been put in. If you require the latest version Please contact me at the above address.

Chapter 2) Cross-Reference

  2.1) Regular Transistors

Case 	Type			Conventional Equivalent
==      ==================      =======================
15	MMBT3960		2N3960
1A	FMMT3904		2N3904
1B	BC846B			BC546B / 2N2222
1E	BC847A			BC547A
1F	BC847B			BC547B
1G	BC847C / FMMTA06	BC547C
1J	BC848A / FMMT2369	BC548A / 2N2369
1K	BC848B			BC548B
1L	BC848C			BC548C
1P	FMMT2222A		2N2222A
1T	MMBT3960A		2N3960A
1X	MMBT930			-
1Y	MMBT3903		2N3903
2A	FMMT3906		2N3906
2B	MMBT2907		2N2907
2C	BC849C			BC549C / BC109C / MMBTA70
2E	FMMTA93			-
2F	FMMT2907A		2N2907A
2J	MMBT3640		2N3640
2K	MMBT8598		-
2M	MMBT404			-
2N	MMBT404A		-
2T	MMBT4403		2N4403
2W	MMBT8599		-
2X	MMBT4401		2N4401
3A	BC856A	 / MMBTH24	BC556A
3B	BC856B / FMMT918	BC556B
3D	MMBTH81		-
3E	BC857A	 / MMBTH10	BC557A
3F	BC857B			BC557B
3G	BC857C			BC557C
3J	BC858A			BC558A
3K	BC858B			BC558B
3L	BC858C			BC558C
4A	BC859A			BC559A
4B	BC859B			BC559B
4C	BC859C			BC559C
4E	FMMTA92			-
4J	FMMT38A			-
449	FMMT449			-
489	FMMT489			-
491	FMMT491			-
493	FMMT493			-
5A	BC807-16		-
5B	BC807-25		BC327-25 / 2N4123
5C	BC807-40		-
5E	BC808-16		-
5F	BC808-25		BC328-25
5G	BC808-40		-
549	FMMT549			-
589	FMMT589			-
591	FMMT591			-
593	FMMT593			-
6A	BC817-16		-
6B	BC817-25		BC337-25
6C	BC817-40		-
6E	BC818-16		-
6F	BC818-25		-
6G	BC818-40		-
6H	BC818-40		BC338-40
AA	BCX51			BC636 / BCW60A
AB	BCW60B			-
AC	BCW60C			BC548B
AD	BCW60D			-
AE	BCX52			-
AG	BCX70G			-
AH	BCX70H			-
AJ	BCX70J			-
AK	BCX70K			-
AL	MMBTA55			-
AM	BSS64			2N3638
AS1	BST50			BSR50
B2	BSV52			PH2369 / BSX20
BA	BCX54 / BCW61A		BC635
BB	BCW61B			-
BC	BCW61C			-
BD	BCW61D			-
BE	BCX55			-
BG	BCX71G			-
BH	BCX56			BC639
BJ	BCX71J			-
BK	BCX71K			-
BN	MMBT3638A		2N3638A
BR2	BSR31			2N4031
C1	BCW29			-
C2	BCW30			BC178B / BC558B
C5	MMBA811C5		-
C6	MMBA811C6		-
C7	MMBA811C7		-
C8	MMBA811C8		-
CE	BSS79B			-
CEC	BC869			BC369
CF	BSS79C			-
CH	BSS82B / BSS80B		-
CJ	BSS80C			-
CM	BSS82C			-
D1	BCW31			BC108A / BC548A
D2	BCW32			BC108A / BC548A
D3	BCW33			BC108C / BC548C
D6	MMBC1622D6		-
D7	MMBC1622D7		-
D8	BCF33			BC549C / BCY58 / MMBC1622D8
DA	BCW67A			-
DB	BCW67B			-
DE	BFN18			-
DF	BCW68F			-
DG	BCW68G			-
DH	BFN19			-
E1	BFS17			BFY90 / BFW92
EA	BCW65A			-
EB	BCW65B			-
EC	BCW65C / BCW67C		-
F1	MMBC1009F1		-
F3	MMBC1009F3		-
FE	BCV46			-
FG	BCV47			-
GF	BFR92P			-
H1	BCW69			-
H2	BCW70			BC557B
K1	BCW71			BC547A
K2	BCW72			BC547B
K4	BCW71R			-
K7	BCV71			-
L1	BSS65			-
L2	BSS70			-
L3	MMBC1323L3		-
L4	MMBC1623L4		-
L5	MMBC1623L5		-
L6	MMBC1623L6		-
L7	MMBC1623L7		-
M3	MMBA812M3		-
M4	MMBA812M4		-
M5	MMBA812M5		-
M6	BSR58 / MMBA812M6	2N4858
M7	MMBA812M7		-
O2	BST82			-
P1	BFR92			BFR90
P2	BFR92A			BFR90
P5	FMMT2369A		2N2369A
Q3	MMBC1321Q3		-
Q4	MMBC1321Q4		-
Q5	MMBC1321Q5		-
R1	BFR93			BFR91
R2	BFR93A			BFR91
S1A	SMBT3904		-
S1D	SMBTA42			-
S2	MMBA813S2		-
S2A	SMBT3906		-
S2D	SMBTA92			-
S2F	SMBT2907A		-
S3	MMBA813S3		-
S4	MMBA813S4		-
T1	BCX17			BC327
T2	BCX18			-
T7	BSR15			2N2907
T8	BSR16			2N2907A
U1	BCX19			BC337
U2	BCX20			-
U7	BSR13			2N2222
U8	BSR14			2N2222A
U92	BSR17A			2N3904
Z2V	FMMTA64			-
ZD	MMBT4125		2N4125

  2.2) JFET Transistors

Case 	Type			Conventional Equivalent
==      =================       =======================
6A	MMBF4416
6B	MMBF5484
6D	MMBF5457
6E	MMBF5460
6F	MMBF4860
6G	MMBF4393
6H	MMBF5486
6J	MMBF4391
6K	MMBF4932
6L	MMBF5459
B08	SST6908
B09	SST6909
B10	SST6910
C11	SST111
C12	SST112
C13	SST113
C41	SST4091
C42	SST4092
C43	SST4093
C59	SST4859
C60	SST4860
C61	SST4861
C91	SST4391
C92	SST4392
C93	SST4393
H16	SST4416
I08	SST108
I09	SST109
I10	SST110
M4	BSR56
M5	BSR57
M6	BSR58
P01	SST201
P02	SST202
P03	SST203
P04	SST204
S14	SST5114
S15	SST5115
S16	SST5116
S70	SST270
S71	SST271
S74	SST174
S75	SST175
S76	SST176
S77	SST177
Z08	SST308
Z09	SST309
Z10	SST310

  2.3) MOSFET Transistors

Case 	Type			Conventional Equivalent
==      =================       =======================
6Z	MMBF170
701	2N7001
702	SN7002
V01	VN50300T
V02	VN0605T
V04	VN45350T
V50	VP0610T

  2.4) Diode List

Case 		Type		Conventional Equivalent
===             ============    =======================
005		SSTPAD5		Dual Diode
010		SSTPAD10	Dual Diode
020		SSTPAD20	Dual Diode
050		SSTPAD50	Dual Diode
100		SSTPAD100	Dual Diode
200		SSTPAD200	Dual Diode
4D		MMBV3401	PIN Diode
4F		MMBD353		Dual Schottky diode
4M		MMBD101		Schottky diode
4R		MMBV3700	PIN diode
4S		MMBD201		Schottky diode
4T		MMBD301		Schottky diode
500		SSTPAD500	Dual Diode
5AX		MMBD6050X	-
5B		MMBD6100	-
5C		MMBD7000	-
5DX		MMBD914X	-
5D		FMMD914		1N914
5F		MMBD501		Schottky diode
5G		MMBD352		Dual Schottky diode
5H		MMBD701		Schottky diode
A1		BAW56		-
A1X		MBAW56		Dual diode
A2X		MMBD2836X	Dual diode
A3		BAT17		BA480
A3X		MMBD2835X	Dual diode
A4		BAV70		BAW62 / 1N4148
A4X		MBAV70		Dual diode
A6		BAS16		BAW62 / 1N4148
A61		BAS28		BAW62 / 1N4148
A6X		MBAS16		(MMBD2836X Dual version)
A7		BAV99		BAW62 / 1N4148
A7X		MBAV99		Dual diode
JAX		BAT42W		Dual diode
JD		BAW56		-
JE		BAV99		-
JJ		BAV70		-
JS		BAS21		BAV21
JP		BAS19		BAV19
L4P		BAT54/T1	BAT85
L42		BAT54A/T1	BAT85
L44		BAT54S/T1	BAT85
PSS		BAR64-04	Dual diode
PRS		BAR64-05	Dual diode
TFX		MBAL99		-

  2.5) SOT323 Type

Case 		Type		Conventional Equivalent
===             ============    =======================
A1		BAW56W		-
A4		BAV70W		-
A6		BAS16W		-
A7		BAV99W		-

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