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1. Disclaimer

If you represent an entity which would like to contribute something to this area, please use this handy [Feedback Form] (if possible) or e-mail me and, if deemed appropriate, you will be added.

Rules for admission are simple: if you have some software package (under $50 or so) that helps people who are trying to fix their monitor or other hardware, please e-mail me using the above form and I will add you here in short order.

2. Anatek Corp

Anatek Corp is on the WWW.

Shareware version of Resolve

You can download a shareware version of Resolve which is the version that was released in December 1993 and contains 1,000 repairs on 180 monitors.

Be sure to use the -d switch when unzipping any of these files!

If you have problems or need more info:

  1. Go to WWW site for these programs at URL:
  2. If you still can't manage e-mail:

The Resolve Monitor Repair Database version 3.13 contains 2,133 repair procedures on 331 monitors (CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, Multisync), component sources for monitor semiconductors and magnetic components, a manufacturer's cross reference, manufacturer identification by FCC number and telephone numbers for more than 600 manufacturers. The price for Resolve is $249.00. Several package discounts are listed on the [order form].

There is a yearly update offer also... feel free to [read all about it]

2.1) Monitor Repair Database (software)

A shareware version of AnaTek's Monitor Repair Database (1,974 repair procedures on 266 monitors, cross ref, etc.) is available for FTP at:


As file: res16sw.exe (1.1MB)

Backup Site:

Dir: SimTel/msdos/info/

As file: (1.1MB)

They also have a Terminal Repair Database... but no limited version... oh well :-)

3. TechFix


Here's a Sample of TechFix. If you want us to send you further information please complete this form or e-mail us at

TIPS, inc.
PO Box 1681
Forest Park, Georgia 30051-1681
Phone / Fax: (770) 968-3715

You can also download the TechFix demo (212KB PKZIP).

Price of full release is $149.95

4. Display Technologies Monitor Repair Page

TLJCHECK Display Technologies

They will help you fix your monitor and only ask $5 (honor system) if you are successful. They will soon have a database of repair "briefs" on their home page... but feel free to check it out anytime as new areas are added weekly.

5. The Technician's Edge Publishing Company (vcrtips)

(From the Editor)

Ok, so it's not software... but if you're looking in this file, their newsletter might also interest you.

(From VCR Tech Tips)

The Technician's Edge Publishing
P. O. Box 929
Riverton UT 84065-0929 Tel: 801-254-8777
Fax: 801-253-0430

Check, money order or cash only. No, credit cards or COD orders accepted.

You can see a few sample entries on their home page and a bunch more just to give you a better idea of what they're about.

You can also see the index of all tips that have been published from January 1993 through February 1996. Index is sorted by: Brand, Model, Symptom, Month & Year, Tip #.

Check our home page for subscription pricing and further details.

6. P D Software

P D Software
7320 Louetta Rd
Spring, TX 77379
Tel: (713) 370-0600

They offer several programs (links to demo's below) that repair shops may find of interest:

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