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This is a snapshot of the bulk of the primary bookmark file I use with Firefox. I strive to keep it up to date but regrettably, this is about as possible as keeping up to date with all the free magazines that come my way. With so many Web sites coming and going and changing it is inevitable that some, if not many of the URLs here will result in "404 missing" errors. I am resigned to this for individuals on mom-and-pop ISPs. However, there really is no excuse when large companies change their Web site organization and don't provide an easy way to locate the replacement page for those that have disappeared. Some do but many don't seem to care if you find them or not. What kind of good business practice is that? Suppose your favorite store moved in the middle of the night and didn't provide a forwarding address? Even the U.S. Postal Service will forward your mail for several months. Out of courtesy, Web sites should do this with Web site addresses as well. Many do, but certainly not the majority! Perhaps I should add a "404 Hall of Shame"!

But the best way for you to help is when you find dead links, use the Feedback Form on the main ToC page to tell me about it! Then, I'll either remove them or locate the replacement Web site(s). Simply whining about how your valuable time has been wasted due to dead links is not being constructive. :)

The file currently used here is a copy of the raw Firefox bookmarks.html with embedded icons stripped out. It is simply inserted into the sambook.htm wrapper. So, the actual HTML is a bit uglier than desired and there is no table of contents but it's not much larger than necessary. Eventually I'll have a script that beautifies it but for now, this is a much easier to keep up to date as links come and go than what I used to do. Don't ask. :)

The bookmarks, below, are divided into major categories and sometimes further sub-divided but not too deeply. I apologize for the organization (or relative lack thereof). Maybe someday I will reformat this stuff using fancy HTML tables and add meaningful descriptions of each entry. Then again, maybe pigs will fly. :-) This version is pretty clean but I don't guarantee that for the subsequent ones - I 'processed' it mostly by hand (well, OK, I did use a computer!) with some help from GNU EMACS and a PERL script, courtesy of Filip G. :) The fancy formatting will have to wait until after the pigs start flying. :)

Sam's Neat, Nifty, and Handy Bookmarks Links

Sci.Electronics FAQ Sites

Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ (Home:
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Mirror (Alternate: UPenn)
Silicon Sam's Technology Resource (Backup:
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Mirror (Backup: DN)
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Mirror (Not up to date,CA-1,WW)
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Mirror (Not up to date, IL-2, WW)

General Tech Tips/FAQs

1-800-GOT-JUNK? - Electronics disposal; E-waste pick up and recycling
AllPinouts - Connectors, cables and adapters pinouts
Carlsen Electronics - Includes tips on some specific equipment
Electrical and Electronic Message Boards (Industry Community)
Electronix Corp. - Repair World - Subscription Tech Tips
Electronics and Appliances Recycling at Best Buy
Electronics Repair Downloads - Tips, software, links, information, references, more - Electronics repair, service manual and schematics diagram.
Electronics Search FAQ - Pointer
EURAS - TV Video Repair Tips - Manuals, tech tips database for service technicians and engineers - Forum for specific consumer product problems.
Homeadvisor - A handyman's guide to tinkering
Home Theater - Forums, links, reviews, more
How to mend it .com - Forums for a variety of home appliance and electronics
Intrepid Video TV Repair Home Page - Includes tips, links, downloads
Living Green: A Guide to Recycling Electronics
Monitor Repair Info-Center - Some info, per repair charge.
Service Engineers Forum (UK) - Some tech-tips for TVs, VCRs, other A/V equipment
Troubleshooters.Com - Links to all sorts of repair info

Major Resources

100 Top Resources for Electrical Engineers and Electrical Engineering Schools
All Smallpdf Tools—Convert, Compress, and Edit PDFs Online
Best of the Web Directory - All sorts of resources
CloudConvert - Audio and video format converter
Google Groups - Sci.Electronics.Repair
Google Search Engine
Google Web Search Features
Free Online Translation (Babylon)
Google Translate
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Consumer Product Ssafety Commision Home Page
Consumer Information Center Main Page
Counterexploitation []
EEVL: Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library | Home Page
EEWeb - Electrical engineering news, resources, and community
Engineering ToolBox - Resources, tools and basic information for engineering and design of technical applications.
The Engineers' Club -- Online Service</HEAD>
ETSI - Standardizing Telecommunications Products and Services
Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing
GlobalSpec/IEEE Engineering 360: Seach for engineering products
W3C HTML Validation Service
IEEE (Globalspec) - Electronics industry news and analysis, market outlook and trends, selected product teardowns., more.
iFixit: The Free Repair Manual - Tutorials on all sorts of repair topics
InfoSpace - Internet Directory
The Internet Archive Wayback Machine - Repairfaq.Org
The Internet Archive Wayback Machine - Web archives
IQS Directory - Manufacturing companies, industrial supply
JPG to PDF – Convert JPG amd other Images to PDF Documents Online
MechaniCalc: Quick & Intuitive Calculations for Mechanical Engineers
Omni Calculator - Interactive calculators for all disciplines
Online Converter - Convert Image, Video, Audio, & Document Files
Online Materials Information Resource - MatWeb
MAUDE - Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience
NESDA - Network of Professional Servicers
On-Line Converters - Common, heat, fluids, sound, light, electrical, magnetism, radiation, misc (
PDFescape - Free PDF Editor & Free PDF Form Filler
PDF Rotation Online | Rotate Pdf
PostScript to PDF online & free
Reference.COM - Newsgroup search
sci FAQs By Newsgroup
SmartScholar - Includes links to resources in a variety of fields
SpamCop - File a spam report
Switchboard - People and Business Search - Mailing Lists - where tiny is better!
Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia
Word to PDF - Convert your DOC to PDF for Free Online
YouTube Downloader - Download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, 3GP |

Don Klipstein's (and Other) Lighting Technology FAQs

Don's Light, Lamp and Strobe Site!
Don's Lighting Info Center!
Don's Laser Page - Suppliers, miscellaneous laser info
Don's Copy of Sam's Laser FAQ
Don's Xenon Flash and Strobe Page
Discharge Lamps
Fluorescent Lamps, Ballasts, and Fixtures
Inverters to power fluorescent lamps from low voltage DC
Various High Voltage Generating Circuits!

Other Lighting Resources

Compact fluorescent lamp ( - 230 VAC CFL ballast schematics
D.I.Y. Electronic Control Gear - Reusing CFL ballasts
Fluorescent Ballast Support | Allanson Corporate
IESNA - lluminating Engineering Society of North
International Light - Light Measurement, Links
The Internet's Neon Shop
JKL Components Corporation - UV, CCFL, FL, lamps and accessories
The LED Museum - For the love of LEDs
Lamps, LEDs, and Circuits (Thorn Lighting, UK)
LRC Research Center (RPI)
Museum of Historic Discharge Lamps
National Cathode Corp. - Cold cathode lighting
Ventex Technology, Inc. - Electronic ballasts for neon, fluorescent, and LED lighting


Sam's Laser FAQs

Sam's Laser FAQ (Home:
Sam's Laser FAQ (Alternate: UPenn)
Sam's Laser FAQ (Backup:
Sam's Laser FAQ (Backup: DN)
Sam's Laser FAQ Mirror (Not up to date, DK)
Sam's Laser FAQ Mirror (Not up to date, CA-1,WW)
Sam's Laser FAQ Mirror (Not up to date, IL-2,WW)
Sam's Laser FAQ Mirror (Not up to date, MD,K3PGP)
Sam's Laser FAQ Mirror (Russia, with partial translation)
Sam's Laser FAQ V2.62 (Old,
Sam's Laser FAQ Intro - LaserFX.Com
Sam's Laser FAQ (2007):
Helium Neon Lasers - Nicely formatted copy of Laser FAQ chapter (Experimental Engineering)

Amateur Laser Construction Sites/Links

Argon Laser from the 60's -YouTube
Chris's Ruby Laser Homepage
CVLguide-V101.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Dave Tucker's N2 Laser Dissection/Information
Diane's Laser Page - Includes a unique home-built transverse excited PMG laser
HeNe-Laser als Stickstofflaser (HeNe-Laser as Nitrogen Laser) 2 - YouTube
Home Built Nitrogen Laser (Mistertippy) - Mainly the power supply now
Homemade YAG Laser from SSY-1 - YouTube
Hubert's Lasers for the Amateur - Links, camera flash pumped Nd:YAG, N2 laser
Imajeenyus - Dr. Lindsay Wilson's projects including CO2 lasers
Information on Building Capacitors (Tesla Coil Mailing List)
Jarrod's Lasers World - CO2 and dye lasers, more to come
Jarrod's Laser World: First CO2 Laser
Jose Mateo (YouTube) - Mi Laser Colorante (YouTube) - Home-built argon ion, N2, and N2 pumped dye laser
Joe Singer - Dye Laser Using eBay Parts
John Doran's CO2 Laser Page
Jon's Home-Built Lasers - N2, CO2, ion, SS, other laser and HV related photos and info, more.
Laser Kids - Bare bones DIY N2, axial and TEA CO2, dye lasers, more.
Leslie Wright's Home-built nitrogen laser page - description with many diagrams and photos.
Leslie Wright's Home-built dye laser page - description with many diagrams and photos.
Leslie Wright'd Home-Built Cuvettes for Dye Lasers
Mark Csele's Homebuilt Lasers Page - N2, dye, misc.
Mark Csele's Homebuilt Lasers Page - Neon Lasers
The Professor's (Mark Csele's) Homebuilt Lasers Site - Links
Milan Karakas's Experiences with Lasers Page - N2, others
My DIY (homebuilt) (Neon) Orange Laser - YouTube
Modern Mechanix » Build your own LASER!
Nyle Steiner's Homemade T.E.A. Lasers - Lots of info, diagrams, plans
Robin's Mounting Bare Laser Diodes Page - Complete procedure with photos
Scientific American "The Amateur Scientist" CD-ROM - Every article and much more (from Surplus Shed)
Tech Ingredients (YouTube) - High power Z-fold DPSS and other projects
Teralab - Glass Blowing - Evaporation of Magnesium
John D'Armond's 1000 Watt Royer Induction Heater Page

Vacuum Technology

Phil Danielson's Articles on Vacuum Technology | Archived by Normandale Community College
A Short History of Vacuum Terminology and Technology
The Electronic Bell Jar - Vacuum technology for the amateur
Vacuum Equipment Manuals (PTB-Sales)
Vacuum History & Technology
Turbo Pump Discussion (Coulter's Science/Engineering Technical Forum)
Pfeiffer Duo 1.5A Tear Down and Repair (RTFTechnologies)
HP59864 and Granville-Philips 342-343 series ionization gauge controller, schematics?

Parts Suppliers and Related Information for Home-Built Lasers (including vacuum equipment)

Ace Glass Incorporated
Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass
Airgas, Inc.
American Scientific Glassblowers Society - Find a glass blower
BOC Gases: Special Gases
BOC Edwards - Vacuum equipment and accessories
Cole-Parmer - Scientific and Lab Equipment
Cooke Vacuum Products
Cosmo Corporation - Coil bobbins, knobs, precision molded components
Duniway Stockroom - Vacuum pumps and more
EGL Neon - Glass, electrodes, gases, pumping ssytems, accessories, more
Electro-Technic Products Inc.- Oudin/Tesla coil testers
ElectronTubeStore - Electronic parts, connectors, vacuum tubes, raw materials
The - Surplus including HV components, test equipment, more.
Eurocom, Inc. - Neon sign equipment and parts.
Evertron - Flyback based HV neon power supplies
G. Finkenbeiner Inc. - Quartz products (optics and scientific)
Friedrich & Dimmock, Inc. - Glass tube and rod.
GFI - Scientific glass blowing products and services
Glasscraft, Inc.
Glassman High Voltage Incorporated - High volltage power supplies
Global Scientific Supply - Scientific instruments and laboratory supplies
HeatWave Labs - cathodes, filaments, ion sources, etc.
Helix Technology (Granville-Phillips and CTI-Cryonics - Vacuum equipment
High Voltage Power Solutions - HV power supplies, components, test equipment
HV Stuff - High voltage capcitors. diodes/rectifiers, wire
Hytek Microsystems - LD drivers and TEC controllers, more.
HyVac Producst, Inc. - Vacuum pumps and high vacuum equiptment
ITW Formex - High voltage flame retardant electrical insulation
LDS Vacuum Products, Inc. - All sorts of vacuum items
Kurt J. Lesker Company - Vacuum systems and vacuum components
Lab - Surplus lab supplies, equipment, etc.
Marlow Industries - Thermoelectric cooler systems
Marvac Scientific Mfg. Co. - Rotary vacuum pumps
McMaster-Carr - Hardware, tools, materuaks, chemicals, infinitely more
MDC Vacuum Products Corporation - Vacuum components
Melcor Thermal Solutions - TECs, controllers, low temp solder, etc.
Minco Flexible Heaters, Flex Circuits, Sensors and Instruments
MKS Instruments - Components for vacuum and gas based processes
Myers Vacuum - Molecular distillation equipment and gauges. CVC
O-like (China) - Hand-held lasers, laser modules,diode drivers, some optics and crystals
Omega - Sensors, heaters, etc.
Oven Industries - TEC controllers
Pascal Technologies - Vacuum pumps, parts, and repair
Pfeiffer Vacuum - Pumps, systems, accessories
Precision Plus Vacuum Parts, Inc. - Vacuum pump repair parts and supplies
RDF Corporation - Temperature & force (strain, torque) sensors
SAES Getters - Evaporative, non-evaporative, hydrogen, thick, and thin flm types
Scanwel - High vacuum fittings, UHV and fabrications
Spectra Gases - Laser gases and equipment
Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation - High voltage power supplies and X-ray generators
SVP Neon Equipment - Pumps, gauges, supplies, repair
Tec Microsystems - Thermoelectric devices and drivers, more.] - Electronics distributor, includes some HV parts
Teledyne Hastings - Vacuum gauges, flow meters, etc.
Tellurex - TEC/Peltier FAQ
Tellurex - Thermoelectric solutions
Thermal Engineering Company - HVAC/R vaccum equipment, supplies, more.
Thermoelectric Peltier Device Information (TE Heater / Cooler / Generator Modules) - General Info
Thermionics Vacuum Products - High vacuum pumps, gauges, components, more.
Thermoptics - TEC Controllers, more.
ULVAC Technologies, Inc. - Pumps, gauges, leak detection
United Vacuum - New and refurbished/rebuilt vacuum pumps
Vacuum Technology and Vacuum Coating (Alex Yuan)
Victor Equipment Company - Torches, regulators, related equipment.
Wale Apparatus - Scientific Glassblowing, Lampworking, Flameworking
Welch Vacuum - Rotary vane vacuum pumps
Capitol Vacuum - Vacuum equipment repair parts and turbopump repair
Zoro Tools - Industrial Supplies, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, more

Amateur Laser Communications

K3PGP's Experimenter's Corner (Main Site)

Laser Related Schematics/Plans

Mark Csele's Homebuilt Argon Lasers Page - Includes simple Power Supply
Die4Drive Laser Diode Driver
Discover Circuits - Laser Circuits
HeNe Laser Power Supply (Aaron Cake - not recommended)
K3PGP's Biasing & Modulating Laser Diodes Safely!
Oatley K002 HeNe Laser Power Supply (Local Copy)
Satsleuth Circuit Schematics - Lasers
Technical developments in the atom optics group in the School of Physics, University of Melbourne

Laser Safety Sites and Links

Laser Safety Facts
CDRH - Center for Devices and Radiological Health (USA)
ISHN - Comments on Laser Pointer Safety - Basic Laser Safety
Laser Pointer Safety - Independent resource on handheld portable lasers
Laser Safety Systems - Components and information
Laser Safety Training by Laser-Professionals, Inc. - Includes Web program for laser safety calculations
Laser safety - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RLI LaserNet - LaserNet Homepage
STD 01-05-001 - PUB 8-1.7 - Guidelines for Laser Safety and Hazard Assessment
University of Pennsylvania - Laser Safety
USACHPPM - Laser and Optical Radiation Hazards Program

Laser Research/Development Sites including High Power and Measurement

Adelaide University (Optics Group) - MOPA DPSS 150 watt laser.
ALISI Application Laboratories of the Institute of Scientific Instruments - Laser for measurement and metrology
Airborne Laser Home Page
Archives acquires papers of Tony Siegman | Stanford University Libraries
Central Laser Facility - European high power laser research
Laser Star Astrophysics (John Talbot)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - National Ignition Facility
National Physical Laboratory - UK measurement standards lab
UCSB Free Electron Laser Link Page
University of St Andrews Lasers and coherent optical sources

Laser and Optics Link Sites

All Laser Diode Wavelengths / Brands, One Site, Comparison Shopping.
AZoOptics - Links to optics news, articles, suppliers, experts
Chris Cooney's Laser, Light Show, and Holography Links
LaserFX Links Page
LaserNet Homepage
Lasers-Science Tracer Bullet-Library of Congress
Opto & Laser Europe
Optoelectronics World
Skywiise's Lasers and Optics Page - Links and more.

Laser amd Optics Information, Tutorials. Software

ABCD Gaussian Beam Propagation Software Home Page
Allen White - Recollections of the First Continuous Visible Laser
Aligning a Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer - YouTube
A·P·E Non-Linear Optics Calculators
Archives - Pinouts Listing (LaserFX)
Army Lasers Training Manuals (
AT&T Archives: Principles of the Optical Maser (1963) - YouTube
AT&T Archives: Lasers Unlimited - 1969 Documentary - YouTube
Beth Denius's Cavity Modes of a HeNe Laser
Blu-ray Optical Pickup Dissection by Leslie Wright and Sam Goldwasser
Blu-ray Optical Pickup Dissection by Leslie Wright and Sam Goldwasser Backup)
Blu-ray/PS3 Violet Laser Photos/Info (Electricstuff)
Breault Research Organization, Inc. - Optical Eng. Software/Services - Guide to the physics of optoelectronic technology
Build your own LASER! | Modern Mechanix
Commercial Laser Lines -
Copper Vapor Laser and Enhancements (
CORD Communications Electro-Optics Courses- May be gone
Demonstrations in laser fundamentals | Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics | MIT OpenCourseWare
DIDA CONCEPT (France) - Designer, manufacturer and distributor of educational products for higher education
Datasheet Archive - Datasheets and application notes from thousands of companies
Don's Laser Page - suppliers, miscellaneous laser info
Edmund Industrial Optics: Technical Support
Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology (RP Photonics)
Engineering Calculations - KDP2 Free Optical Design Software
Engineering Metrology Toolbox
ESD Protection Approaches (Review) - Lasorb
Etalon Designer - On-line calculator for FSR, finesse, bandwidth, etc. (LightMachinery)
Tim's Fabry-Perot Applet (University of Queensland, Australia)
First-Hand:The First Continuous Visible Laser - Engineering and Technology History Wiki
FreeSnell - Thin-Film Optical Simulator
Frequently Asked Questions about CO2 lasers (Parallax)
Games for science teaching and outreach ( - Various Java simulations
Gas Lasers edited by Masamori Endo, Robert F. Walter (Google Books)
Green lasers are beyond power limits mandated by safety standards
Helium Neon Laser HeNe (German)
Helium Neon Laser HeNe Google Translate (from German)
He-Ne lasers meet metrology challenges at PTB | Laser Focus World
History of the Laser - Ali Javan from Bell Labs, now at MIT's "How Lasers Work"
How do lasers work? - YouTube
HOW IT WORKS: Lasers (720p) - YouTube
HP Journal - Online issues
ILX Technical and Application Notes - Laser diodes
Imaging with Lenses - Java Apps
International Light, Inc. Light Measurement Handbook Page
Internet Archive Search Engine (
K3PGP's Laser Diode Manufacturers
K3PGP's Laser Diode Specifications
Kentech's Tutorials - Transmision lines (inc. Blumlein), pulsars, etc.
Laser Focus World
Laser Power Density Calculator - Ophir
Laser Stars - Laser History
Laser Stars - Plasma Laser Astrophysics
Laser Stars - Spectra of Gas Discharges
Laser Trackers - How they work (Quality Digest) - TOF, angle, and interferometry - Laser Science Projects Backstage - Archives: Technical papers
Lasers - Comments & Links (~gmt)
Lasers - Coherent Light Sources for Research and Industry (1964 Film): UNT Digital Library
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Lasers
LEYBOLD - Open cavity HeNe laser Experiments
LEYBOLD Photonics Experimental Kits - Includes instructional manuals on optics and lasers (formerly MEOS)
LEYBOLD Photonics - How to align a Helium-Neon Laser - YouTube
Lighting Design and Simulation Glossary (Georg Mischler)
LightMachinary Optical Design Center - On-line calculators for and other information
LIGO Interferometer
LUHS - Photonics educational kits - Similar to Leybold and MEOS from original designer
Luxpop! Index of Refraction Values & Photonics Calculations
Marc's Laser Pages (German) - Laser show, gallery, education; downloads, links, chat, etc.
Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets (Falstad)
Mike Steinbach's Slideshow of Blu-Ray Drive Dissection
Modern Optics - A Web Enhanced Course (University of Tennesse)
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Physics of Light and Color - Laser Fundamentals
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Polarized Light Waveforms - Interactive Java Tutorial
National Institute for Subatomic Physics (NL) Laboratory Experiments (includes lasers)
Newport - Manuals and Software Download
NIST - Atomic Spectra Database - home page
NIST - Engineering Metrology Toolbox
NIST - How to Make a Compact Frequency Comb in Minutes
Omnichrome 150R Power Supply Check Out
One Stop Laser Shop Info Page - Laser Show Information and Tips
Open Beam Profiler - Plugin for ImageJ to provide analysis of beam profiles or other images. (
Ophir's Calculators | Ophir Photonics
Optical Research Associates - Optical design software
Optics: Coherence length and source spectrum | MIT Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics - YouTube
Optics2001 - Optical Library - Optics - Photonics - Laser - Imaging - Fiber optics
Phil Hobb's Optics Page
PI miCos GmbH - Micro and nanopositioning, vacuum, cryo, and educaational laser and optics, more.
PhotochemCAD Spectra by Category - Reference on many optics/laser topics (CMDITR)
PHYWE: Educational equipment includes labs in optics and lasers
Polarized Light Waveforms (
Popular Science ruby laser article (Modern Mechanix Blog)
Power Technology Inc.Technical Library- Info on diode lasers
Psst! Photonics Simulation Software for Teaching (U. of St. Andrews) - Optics and lasers
PTI Manuals Online - N2, dye, and frequency doubler
Pulse Forming Networks (Plastic Capacitors, Inc.)
Refractive Index of Air Calculator - Engineering Metrology Toolbox (NIST)
Rami Arieli - Laser Applications
Rami Arieli - Laser Experiments
Rami Arieli - Laser Types
Rami Arieli: The Laser Adventure
RASC Calgary Centre - The Atmosphere, Astronomy and Green Lasers
Recollections of the First Continuous Visible Laser | Optics & Photonics News
reZonator - Linear and ring cavity laser resonator design calculator
RTD_thermistor graph_i0l2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Sam's Copy of Rotorwave Technical Section - Pulsed SS laser design resources
Science Toys - Supplier and infor for all sorts of fun projects, includes some lasers and optics
SCIOPT  Enterprises - Optics and laser design softare
Selman Hershfield's Optics Lecture
Seth Carpenter's All About Lasers - At least a bit
Skywise's Laser Line Software Home Page
Skywise's Lasers & Optics - Includes laser spectrum chart
SNLO - Select Non-Linear Optics program
Spectra-Physics - Select Product Manuals
Spectra of Gas Discharges (Laser Stars)
Spectrum - Plotting, processing, transformation, and analyzing of numerical data
SPIE Virtual Laser Exhibit: Vintage and New Devices
Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center
Technical developments in the atom optics group in the School of Physics, University of Melbourne
The Blue Laser Diode - Gallium Nitride (GaN) based LEDs and Lasers
The Invention of the LASER at Bell Labs: 1958 - 1998
The Laser: "A Light Fantastic"; (Beginings of the Laser). - YouTube
Two-Brewster Helium-Neon Laser Tube Alignment - YouTube
Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics by MIT on Apple Podcasts
Vintage Laser Archive (Bob Hess) - Dozens of lasers from the early 1960s to the present
Warren Vidrine's Optics Tables (IR, etc.)
Wavelength to Colour Relationship | - Free, interactive, education.
WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements | Neon | naturally occurring isotopes data
The College of William & Mary LaserFest 2010 Demos
Wolfram Demonstrations Project - All sorts of interactive animation
World of Lasers - Some info, mostly links to commercial sites

Laser Discussion Groups and Technical Forums

Alt.lasers - Discussions on Google Groups
CandlePowerForums - Discussions on flashlight, laser pointers, some lasers
Holography Forum - Discussions on everything holography (temporarily unavailable) - Laser show discussion groups and more
Laser Discourse - Forum for lasers, optics, drivers. more
Laser Hobbyist Forum
Laser Pointer Forums - Discuss lasers and laser pointers
MyForum - Ruby Laser Message Board - Several laser-related forums

Laser Equipment and Parts - New, surplus, mail order

AliExpress - Online shopping includes specialty items like piezo transducers
Alltronics - New and surplus electronics, some lasers/optics/telecom
All Electronics - New/surplus, occasional laser bargains
American Science & Surplus
Arbor Scientific - Kits and demos, parts and equipment.
BMI Surplus Equipment - All sorts of surplus including lasers and related components
Carl's Electronics - Lasers and weapons electronic plans
Cascade Laser Corp. - Laser repair and components
Casix - Laser optics (China) - Optical and laser components and kits
DNA Equipment - Used laser systems
DTR's Laser Shop - Laser diodes, lenses, dichros, projector parts
Edmund Scientific - Optics, lasers, electronics, kits, etc.
EIO - Surplus electronics, some laser. and computer parts
Enlight Technologies, Inc.- DPSS lasers, modules, and pointers
Europe Laser Exchange - Lasers and laser systems (mostly large but some small)
HB-Laserkomponenten - HeNe, Ar/Kr ion, Co2, Nd:YAG, new/used
Herbach and Rademan Co. - Electronic surplus, HeNe lasers/PSs, more.
H.V. Component Associates (HV diodes)
HSC Electronic Supply (Halted Specialties) - Electronics and some lasers
Images SI, Inc. - Parts and kits for many types of projects
Information Unlimited - Sci. Proj, Kits, Lasers, HV, Plans, Books, Parts
Intelite, Inc. - Lasers and electro optics products
Kentek Corporation - Laser replacement parts, accessories, etc.
KERN laser systems, etching, and profiling
KS Equipment Inc. - Electronic equipment including metrology
Laser Resale, Inc. - Surplus, buy, sell, lasers and components
Laser Technical Instruments - Laser line generators
Main Line Optical Instruments
Marlen P. Jones - Electronics, lasers, optics, more.
Meredith Instruments - All sorts of laser surplus
Midwest Laser Products - New and surplus lasers and components
NVG, Inc. - Diode lasers, laser diodes, drivers, optics, more.
OATLEY Electronics (Australia) - HeNe and diode lasers, kits.
OptoSigma - Optic and optical components
Optotronics - Portaable lasers, lasaer systems, some optics and laser accessories
PhotoMachining, Inc. Lasers - A few surplus lasers asbout 1/3 list price - Lasers, spectrometers, more.
Surplus High-Tech Equipment and Excess Inventory - Buy, sell and trade!
Surplus Shack (same as Surplus Shed) - Optics, optical instruments, educational optics, more.
Surplus Shed (same as Surplus Shack) - Optics, optical instruments, educational optics, more.
Sterling Resale Optics - Surplus laser optics, first surface mirrors
Used Line - Ads for used scientific equipment, some lasers

Laser Equipment Sales, Rentals, and Service

All Laser Diode Wavelengths / Brands, One Site, Comparison Shopping.
Anderson Lasers, Inc. - Industrial, scientific, light show lasers, more.
Cambridge Lasers Laboratories, Inc. - Ion laser repair, upgrade, rental.
Capovan Brothers - Used semiconductor and scientific equipment for science and industry
Cascade Laser Corp. - Laser repair and components.
CASIX - China based supplier of laser optics, components, and kits
Control Micro Systems - Laser systems for marking, welding, cutting, drilling
DANOBAT - Laser Cutting Machines
Directed Light Inc. - SS laser repair, parts,
Dynamic Laser - Ion laser tube repair
DZ Laser Service - Specializing in ILT laser repair
Edmund Scientific - HeNe, diode, Argon lasers, optics, kits
Evergreen Laser Corporation - Ion laser service and refurb.
HB-Laserkomponenten - HeNe, CO2, Nd:YAG laser sales and service
Holo-Spectra - Laser resale, repair & refurb, lightshows, more
Hong Ren Technology Co.,Ltd. - Metrology laser repair
H&H Research - Ion laser sales and service
Jamieson Laser - Laser engraving machines, laser cutters, parts and accessories
Kitmondo - Analytical lab equipment for sale (a few lasers)
Laser Components (UK) Ltd. - Far IR diode lasers, other electrooptics, more.
LaserDealer.Com - Laser Engravers for Signage and Industry
Laser Electronics Ltd. - Lasers. controllers, rentals, reprocessing
Laserglow Technologies - Supplier of Diode and DPSS lasers of all types
Laser Innovations - Ion laser sales, service, and support
Laser Labs, Inc. - Medical, surgical, scientific lasers, laser tubes
Laser Labs, Inc. - Light show equipment and sorfware
LaserNexus. - Scientific, Industrial & Medical Lasers Components & Optics
Laser Tune - Sales of remanufactured CO2 and YAG lasers, repair, parts
Med Wowo - Buy & Sell Used Medical Equipment including some lasers
Nitelite Products - Ion laser repair, laser light show equipment
Photovac Laser Corporation, Inc. - CO2 laser tube reprocessing, service, more.
Polytec PI - Lasers and optics equipment
Potics Nova Technics Co., Ltd. (PNT) - Includes metrology laser repair
TLM Laser (UK) - Laser marking services and maintenance, laser safety equipment and spares.
Worldwide Laser - Laser engraving, laser marking, and laser cutting systems

Laser and Optics Manufacturers and Suppliers


Advanced Optics - Precision and custom optical flats, mirrors, windows, more.
Aerotech, Inc. - Motion control systems (formerly HeNe lasers)
Alkor Technologies - Optical elements and coatings (Russia)
Almaz Optics, Inc. - Optical materials, components, nonlinear crystals, more.
ALPEC TEAM, INC. - Laser modules, pointers, sites
ALPHALAS GmbH - Lasers, optics, electronics
Altechna – Laser related compotents and technologies
Analog Modules, Inc. - Laser power supplies, amps, drivers, more
Analog Technologies, Inc. - LD and TE drivers, mode hop free lasers, PD amps/preamps
Automated Precision Inc. (API) - Metrology systems and services
Applied Optronics Corporation - High power laser dodes, modules, systems.
Arroyo Instruments - Laser drivers, temperature controllers, and test fixtures
Artworldcn technology Co.,Ltd (China) - Parts and equipment including HeNe and CO2 laser tubes, YAG rods, more.
Artworldcn technology Co.,Ltd (China) - HeNe laser tubes (direct link)
Base Lab Tools Inc - Breadboards, tables, optics, and opto-mechanics
BE MEyers and Co. Inc.- Lasers, night vision, cameras, integrated systems
Big Sky Laser Technologies, Inc. Home Page
Blue Sky Research - Electro-Optic Manufacturer of Laser Diodes and Instruments
Bohr Optics Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (China) - Lenses, prisms, windows, etc.
Brimrose Corporation - Fiber optics, acousto-optic components, diode laser modules, more.
Bristol Instruments - Laser wavemeters and more.
Brockton Electro-Optics BEOC - Laser stabilizers
Brolight Technology (China) - Educational products include open cavity HeNe
B&WTEK, Inc. - Diode and DPSS lasers, Raman spectrometers, more.
Calmar Laser - Ultrafast fiber laser and fiber amplifiers
Cascade Optical - Optical components
CASIX (China) - Laser, non-linear, and electrooptic crystals, optics, more.
Castech (China) - Advanced laser crystals, optics, Si APDs
Cambridge Technology - Galvo based scanners and systems.
Chromacity Lasers (Scotland) - Tunable lasers for life-sciences microscopy
Clark-MXR, Inc. - Femtosecond lasers for micromachining and spectroscopy
Cleveland Crystals, Inc. - Nonlinear and electro-optic crystals and devices.
CNI Lasers (China) - DPSS lasers of many wavelengths
CLM Product Catalog - Agilent Lasers, Optics, and Electronics
Cobolt (Sweden) - High performance DPSS lasers and diode laser modules
Coherent, Inc. - CO2, dye, YAG, YLF, diode, DPSSLs
Conoptics Inc. - Laser accessories, FM spectroscopy, isolation, more
Continuum - Solid state lasers for science, industry, and medicine
Creative Technology Lasers - Diode and DPSS laser modules
CrystaLaser (Diode Pumped Crystal Lasers)
Custom Control Sensors | Temperature, pressure, and other sensors for aerospace, defense, and industry
CVI Laser Optics - Optical components
Datasensor Optics - Glass, plastic, power, illuminator, more
Daheng Optics (China) - Optical components including lenses, mounts, etc.
Daheng xinshijiyuan Polytron Technologies Inc (China) - Optics, opto-mechanics, etc.
Diffraction International - CGH and binary optics, aspheric mtrology, design.
DIDA CONCEPT (France) - Designer, manufacturer and distributor of educational products for higher education
Directed Energy, Inc. (DEI) - Pulse generators, LD drivers, more.
Dover Motion - Precision motion control including micropositioner stages
DPSS Lasers, Inc.
Dynamic Laser - Ion lasers
Ealing Catalog - Ealing optics and mechanics including 2-B HeNe laser project kit ($$$)
Ealing Catalog - HeNe Laser Project Kit
Edinburgh Instruments - CO2, CO, far-IR lasers, more - Fusion splicers and other fiber optic tools
EG&G (now part of EXCELITAS) - Flashlamps, sensor, etc.
EKSPLA, Ltd. (Lithuania) - Solid state lasers and related equipment
Electro-Optical Products Corp. - Modulators, Defl, Scanrs., Shutrs, etc..
Elforlight Ltd (UK) - CW and Q-switched DPSS lasers, more
EOPC - Data Sheets
EOPC - Tuning Fork Resonant Chopper (Optical Modulator)
Epilog Laser - Engraving laser cutting marking machines systems and equipment
Excel Precision - Metrology lasers, systems, sensors
EXCELITAS - Opto-electronics and advanced electronic systms (includes EGG)
Exciton - Dye laser dyes
Emco (now Xppower) - Power supplies including high voltage
Enlight Technologies, Inc. - IR and green DPSS lasers, green laser pointers.
Esco Products - Standard and custom optics
ESI - Electro Scientific Industries
Faro - 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology.
Feanor - Metrology (1 and 2 frequency lasers), special tools, sensors, software
Fenix Technolgy - Standard and custom arc lamps and flashlamps
Fermionics - InGaAs PDs, InGaAsP LDs, HgCdTe detectors
Firebird Optics - Optical components, IR spectroscopy, 3-D printing, more
Foctek Photonics, Inc. (China) - Laser and NL/EO crystals and optics
Frazier Instrument Company - Includes iodine stabilized HeNe laser
Fujian Castech Crystals,Inc. - LBO, BBO, KTP, Nd:YVO4 Crystals


GEOLA (General Optics Laboratory) - Nd lasers and holography systems
Gigahertz-Optik, Inc. - Light measurement systems
GSI Lumonics - Laser Systems, Components, Instrumentation, Life Science and Metrology
GWU Lasertechnik Vertriebsges.mbH - Laser and non-linear crystals, optics, more.
Hall Stable Lasers, LLC - Engineering and consulting in stable lasers, electro-optics, and electronics for laser control.
Hamamatsu - PMTs, PDs, LEDs, sensors, light sources, more.
Hangzhou Lambda Photonics Technology Co.,Ltd. - DPSS lasers, crystals, fiber optics
Hankwang - CO2 and YAG lasers (Koria)
Hexagon Metrology - Metrology components and systems
Hinds Instruments - Measurement systems using photoelastic modulators
High End Systems On Line - Lighting control including Laser Chorus
HighFinesse GmbH - Laser systems, wavelength meters, diode current sources
IC-Haus Laser Drivers - iC-Haus laser diode drivers
II-VI Incorporated - Laser optics, components, detectors, more.
ILX Lightwave - Fiber optics and diode laser instrumentation
Impex High-Tech - Lasers, laser materials, optics, non-linear components
Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc. - Laser (HeNe, diode) and fiber educational equipment
Industrial Microphotonics Company - Diode Array and Diode Bar Manufacturer
Infineon Technologies - Semiconductors for industrial and consumer applications
International Light - Light Measurement Systems, Instruments, Detectors, etc.
ISOWAVE - High performance optical components including Faraday isolators/rotators and PPLN
ISP Optics - IR and UV optical materials and components
ITI Electrooptics - Laserr and non-linear crystals
Jain Lasertech Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers and suppliers of optics, lasers and kinematic positioners in India
Janos Technology, Inc. - Precision optics from exotic materials
JENAer Meßtechnik GmbH - Laser interferometric measurement equipment and systems
JENOPTK Laserdiode GmbH - High power laser diodes
Jiangxi Liansheng (China) - Isolators, optical breadboard and tables, opto-mechanics, etc.
JINAN HONGYUAN ELECTRIC Co., LTD. - CO2, YAG, HeNe, and other laser power supplies, more.
Jodon, Inc. - HeNe lasers and tubes, non-contact gauging, more.
JSL (Joachim Sacher Lasertechnik) - Laser diodes, external cavity diode lasers, accessories
Keysight Service - Infoline
Keysight (Agilent) Test Equipment
Find-A-Part | Keysight Technologies
Parts Online Store | Keysight
Kigre, Inc: - Solid state laser components and systems
Klinger Educational Prodcuts - P5.8.5.5-C Helium Neon Laser Photonics Kit
Lambda Photometrics - UK distributor of optics, fiber optics, instrumentation, metrology, more
LASAG Industrial Lasers - Nd:YAG pulsed lasers for welding, cutting, drilling
Laser 2000 International - Lasers, optics and fibre optic equipment.
Laser Beam Products - CO2 and other high power laser optics
Laser Diode, Inc. - FO TX/RX, GaAs lasers
Laser Drive, Inc. (Now part of Eaton/Martek Power) - PSs for HeNe, Ar+, CO2, lasers, tungsten & discharge lamps
Laser Export (Russia) - CW and pulsed DPSS laser systems and modules
Laser Kinetics Inc. - CO2 laser systems
Laser Photonics, LLC - Fiber laser marking and cutting systems
Laser Quantum Ltd - Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers and accessoris
Laser Research Optics - CO2 laser optics
Laser SOS USA. Inc. - laser parts, consumables, oem light sources, more
LaserBits, Inc. - Laser rngraving supplies
Laserglow - Blue and green laser pointers, alignment and lab lasers
Lasermate Corp. - LD modules, drivers, pointers, optics, DPSSLs
LaserProbe, Inc. - Laser power and energy measurement
Lasertex - About Us
Lasever, Inc. (China) - DPSS lasers - IR, green, blue
LASORB - Laser diode protection device
LASOS datasheets (Datasheet Archive) - solid state, gas lasers
LASOS He-Ne laser series - LASOS - for worldwide photonics
LASOS Laser-Fertigung GmbH
Latronix AB - Laser and optics systems and components
Layertec - Optics and optical coatings (Germany)
Lee Laser- High power Ng:YAG lasers
Lexel Laser (Cambridge Laser Laboratories) - Ion lasers
LEYBOLD Photonics Experimental Kits - Includes instructional manuals on optics and lasers (formerly MEOS)
Lighthouse Photonics LLC - High power green DPSS lasers - CO2 laser engravers and parts including tubes and power supplies
LIMO - Micro-Optics & Laser Systems
Limtek Laser - Laser and measurement Systems
LUHS - Dedicated to Education in Photonics
LUHS LE-0300 HeNe-Laser For Education in Photonics
Lumentum Operations LLC - Gas lasers
Lumentum Operations LLC - Includes JDSU's Gas Lasers
Lumex - Vsible and IR laser diodes, LEDs, LCDs, more.
LUMITEK International, Inc. - Sensors, viewers, detectors, safety gear.
Lumonics, Inc. - See GSI Lumonics


M Squared Lasers - Design and manufacture of lasers and photonic instruments.
Macken Instruments, Inc. - Laser beam power and measrement.
Made in - HeNe and CO2 laser tubes, more
Martek - Power supplies (including Laser Drive): military, industrial, inverters, EMI filters, switching and linear
Market Tech - Distributor of lasers and photonics instrumentation
Meadowlark Optics, Inc. - Polarization control devices
Melles Griot - Lasers, Optics, Instruments
MEMS Optical, Inc. - Diffractive optics, MEMS systems, more.
MenloSystems GmbH - Optical frequency sythesizers, fs fiber lasers, laser stabilizers, more.
Micro-g LaCoste, Inc. - Gravity measuring equipment but includes a stabilized HeNe laser
Micro Laser Systems (uLS) - High performance diode lasers
MiniTec -Custom aluminum assemblies including optical breadboards
MK Photonics - Optics, optics instrumentation
Modu-Laser - Air-cooled Ar/Kr ion lasers for science, industry, education
Molecular Technology GmbH - Laser/non-linear crystals, other optical materials
MolTech GmbbH - Single crystals, materials, and components for science, education, development, industry
Motion X Corporation - Motion control, laser interferometers. more.
MPB Communications Inc. - Fiber lasers and more
National Laser - Ion and replacement tubes, diode lasers
NEOS Technologies - AO components including AOMs and PCAOMs
New Focus, Inc. - Tunable diode lasers, optics and components.
Newport - Precision optical components and systems
Nichia America Corporation
NKT Photonic - SLM, broadbank, and tunable lasers
NM Laser Products, Inc. - Laser shutters and controllers
Norlase ApS - Tapered diode laser systems
Novacam - Optical profilometry and OCT systems
National Physical Laboratory - UK measurement standards lab, metrology lasers/technology
NSG America's Home Page
NVG, Inc. - Diode lasers, laser diodes, drivers, optics, more.
O-like (China) - Hand-held lasers, laser modules,diode drivers, some optics and crystals
Ocean Optics - Miniature CCD Spectrometers, sensors, light sources, optical fibers, metrology, education, oem solutions
O/E Land, Inc. - Optoelectronic and micro optics products including laser diodes
Ondax Inc - Wavelength stabilized diode lasers, more.
OPOTEK - Tunable Laser Systems
Optics for Research - Custom optics
Optodyne - Laser-based metrology systems
Optodyne catalogues and technical brochures - PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure
OWIS GmbH (Germany) - Optics and opto-mechanical components
The Optoelectronics Co. Ltd: Supplier of Optowell VCSELs, Opnext Laser Diodes, Panasonic Lenses. Custom Laser Diode Modules
Optometrics USA, Inc. - Optical components and instruments
Oriel Instruments - Equipment to make, move, and measure light.
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors - LEDs, high power pulsed and CW laser diodes, other lighting devices
Oxalis-Laser - Optical simulation software and simulation engineering services
Oxford Lasers, Inc. - Copper Vapor Lasers
Pacific Lasertec - HeNe lasers via core team and facilities formerly Melles Griot
Pangolin Laser Systems - Laser manufacturers., links
Parallax Technology, Inc. - CO2 laser tubes sales and service.
PD-LD, Inc. - Laser diodes, LEDs, detectors, collimators, more
Photodigm - DBR Laser Diodes and SAF-SOA gain chips for spectroscopy, metrology, and manufacturing
Photon Systems, Inc. - Deep UV lasers and related analytic instruments
Photon Technology International - Photonics components, instruments
Photonic Cleaning Technologies - Same as Opticlean
Photonics Industries, Inc. - Diode pumped solid state lasers - all types
PicoQuant GmbH - Pulsed diode lasers, LED sources, more.
PI miCos GmbH - Micro and nanopositioning, vacuum, cryo, and educaational laser and optics, more.
Plasma Labs (Russia) - Lasers, Display Devices, Spark Gaps, Thyratrons, X-Ray Tubes, more
Polyaron - HeNe, HeCd, argon, and CO2 lasers (Ukraine)
Polytec GmbH - Vibrometry and other measurements, formerly made HeNe lasers
Polytec PI - Piezo stages, SS, excimer, dye lasers.
Possible Inc. (Japan) - Optical equipment and components
Power Technology Inc. - Laser Diodes/Modules/HeNe PSs/more
Precision Projection Systems - Components for Light effects/shows
Process Instruments, Inc. - Raman scattering technology including narrow line-width stabilized diode lasers
PTR OPTICS - Precision optics including replacement laser optics and diffraction gratings


Q-Peak Applied Photonic Systems, Inc. - DPSS lasers, contract R&D
QPhotonics, LLC - Laser diodes, superluminescent diodes, LEDs, modules, systems.
Quantel - Diode, DPSS, fiber, tunable, and other lasers
Quantronix Corporation - High power solid state lasers.
Quantum Technology, Inc. -- NL optics, EO, HV drivers, etc.
Quarton, Inc. - Laser pointers, laser sights, laser tools. more.
Radiant Dyes - Dye lasers, accessories, more.
Raicol -- Nonlinear and electrooptic crystals and elements
Red Optronics - Laser and non-linear crystals and precision optics
Renishaw - Metrology, laser measurement, calibration, more
RGBLase LLC - Lasers, optics, coating services, more
Rocky Mountain Instrument - Electro-optics system design, dev., mfg.
Rofin-Baasel Inc. - Lasers for marking, welding and cutting applications
Rofin-Sinar Technologies - High power CO2, Nd:YAG, diode lasers, markers
Reaserch Electro-Optics (REO) - Optical coatings, tunable HeNe lasers, more.
Resolved Instruments - High speed USB photodetectors
Roithner-Lasertechnik (Austria) - Diode lasers, LEDs, laser components, more
Ross Optical Industries - Optics of all kinds
RPMC Lasers, Inc. - Laser diode and solid state laser products
Schäfter + Kirchhoff GmbH - Optics, metrology and photonics
Scientific Solutions, Inc. Spectroscopic Devices and Consulting. Optical system design.
Scitec Instruments Ltd (UK) - DPSS lasers, laser pointers, non-linear crystals, optics
Scitec Instruments (Poland) - DPSS lasers and many other laser-related products
Semrock - Optical filters, mirrors, beam-splitters.
Sensor Physics - Lasers, fiber optics, beam profilers, more
Sensors Unlimited, Inc.
Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology - DPSS Green, Blue & Red Lasers, Precision Optics and Nonliear Crystals
Shanghai Fly Lasers Technology Co ., Ltd - DPSS lasers and systems
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas - Optoelectronic Components
Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd (Singapore) - CO2, DPSS, YAG, diode lasers, PSUs, machining systems, more.
SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH Ilmenau - Metrology systems
SLC: Scientific Laser Connection - Training modules for science, physics, and more, related lasers, optics, accessories.
SOC Showa Optronics Co., Ltd. (Japan) - DPSS and diode lasers, optics, more.
SP3 Plus (UK) - Distributor of DPSS lasers and other optics
Spectra-Physics Lasers - Lasers and laser systems, optics, etc.
SPECTRAL laser (Italy) - High power HeNe, sealed CO2 lasers, power supplies
Stable Laser Systems - Systems and hardware for cavity-stabilized lasers
Standa (Lithuania) - Optical tables and hardware, stages, DPSS lasers and laser diode controllers
Stanford Research Institute - Scientific instruments including the NL-100 nitrogen laser
StockerYale Inc. (formerly Lasiris, Inc.) - Lasers for structured lighting, more.
Swamp Optics - Ultrashort laser pulse measurement
Synrad - CO2 Laser Manufacturer
TeachSpin - Instruments for the advanced physics laboratory
Teem Photonics - Passively Q-switched microlasers, integrated optics
Thorlabs, Inc. - Optics, laser diodes and drivers, LD database
Tembercon - Fiber and fiber optic components including design, repair, more.
TOPTICA Photonics AG - Diode and fiber lasers, wavelength meters, other photonics
TOPTICA Photonics AG - Tunable lasers, laser diodes, scanning fabry-perots, optical disk testers, more.
Tosei Engineering Corporation (Japan) - Laser metrology - interferometer measurement, control
Toshiba Optoelectronics -- Optoelectronics
Transverse Industries Co., Ltd. - Green DPSS laser modules, other laser products
Union Optic (China) - Optical standard and custom components
Ultralasers, Inc - Resller of Far East DPSS lasers at every wavelength
ULTRAVOLT – High voltage power supply and HV power system manufacturer
U-Oplaz Technolgies, Inc. - Non-linear crystals, optics. Distributor for CASIX
Unique-m.o.d.e. - Customized high power diode laser systems
Universal Laser Systems, Inc. - Sealed RF excited air-cooled CO2 lasers
US-Lasers Inc. - Laser diodes and laser diode modules
U.S. Fiber Systems and Supplies - Fusion splicers, test equipment, fiber optic equipment, fiber, patch cords, more
VERE, Inc. - Optical breadboards, tables, benches, vibration isolators, more.
VLOC - Laser crystals, doublers, polarizers, and other optics
VM-TIM - Lasers, laser accessories, crystals, optics and optics assemblies, monochromators and spectrometers
Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - High voltage power supplies and components
Voltex, Inc. - HeNe laser power supplies and tester
Voltex, Inc. - What's new HeNe laser power supply
Wavetronics (Korea) - Metrology lasers including HP/Agilent clones, other lasers, and repair.
Wavelength Electronics - Laser diode drivers, TE coolers, heaters
Winters Electro-Optics, Inc. - Iodine stabilized HeNe lasers
ZAP-IT Laser Alignment Paper
Z C & R Coatings for Optics, Inc. - Precision Optical Coating
Zygo Corporation - Metrology systems and components, more
Zygo Corporation - ZMI Series Laser Heads

Laser and Optics Related Organizations & Publications

AILU - Association of Industrical Laser Users (UK)
CORD - Center for Occupational Research and Development
CRC Press - Electro-Optics/Lasers
IBM Research | IBM Technical Journals
Industrial Laser Solutions
LaserFest - Celebrating 50 years of laser innovation
Laser Focus World - Magazine and services
Lasers - A. E. Siegman - Google Books
Optical Society of America
Optics InfoBase - OSA journals - The Photonics Resource Center
Optoelectronics World
Opto & Laser Europe
Optics and Epics, Physics and Fiction
Optics and Photonics News
OSA | Experimental investigation of unidentified helium–neon lasers
Photonics Online - Info on lasers, photonics, optronics industries
Photonics Tech Briefs
Photonics Spectra Online -
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering -- The Optics, Photonics, and Lasers Resource
SPIE - Virtual Laser Exhibit - Vintage and new devices
UKLEO - UK Laser and Electro-Optics Association

Laser and Optics On-Line Auctions

LabX Auctions - Check seller and buyer negative and neutral eBay feedback ratings
eBay Auction: Main Page

Laser Show Sites and Manufacturers

ArgonTV - The Ultimate Guide To live events, laserss, and film.
ELM - Home Built Laser Projector
Freitag Technologies GmbH - Production, rental, components
International Laser Display Association (ILDA)
International Laser Productions (Indonesia) - Includes DPSS modules
J and K Laser Productions (now Lasershows 101) - Laser light shows
JM Laser Display - Catweazle system and DPSS laser
Laser Electronics Ltd. - Laser shows and displays
Laser F/X International - Home Page
LASERONICS Laser Light Shows Laser Effects and Display
Laserworld - lasershow, showlaser, laser display, entertainment laser, dj laser, club laser, laser rental, pangolin
Laser Show Safety - Some basic info but purpose of Web site unclear
Laser Spectacles, Inc. - Laser Lights Texas, laser light shows, software, lumia projector
LOBO Lasersysteme - Light show equipment
Lumalaser - Laser show projectors
Nitelite Lasers Products & Services
New Method Lasers (Now One Stop Laser Shop) - Laser Light show equipment, software
Norm's Home Made Laser Show - Nearly everything from scratch
OmniSistem - Light an effects including laser show equipment and software
One Stop Laser Shop (Formerly New Method Lasers) - Laser light show equipment, software
Pangolin Laser Systems - Laser show software
Precision Projection Systems - Laser show systems, components, software
RGB Laser System International - Laser show systems
Strictly FX - Special effects [ pyrotechnics + cryogenics + laser light shows + flame effects + confetti ]
Technological Artisans - Laser show rental, purchase, components.

Barcode Scanners

TAL Technologies - serial data acquisition including barcode

Color/Perception/Vision Sites/Information/Links

Color Science (Bruton)
LAB Color Space (linecolor)

Holography Sites

3D Imagery - A Hologram Production Site
Ceres Holographics: digital holographic mastering and replication
Collection - Gary Cullen
Handmade Holographic Materials (Crispers)
Holocom, Inc. - Holography informatiion
Holografie - Do it yourself - So einfach wie noch nie !
Hologram Home of Liti 3D - Animated full color holograms (they claim) - dedicated to holography
Holography Beneath the Surface (James D. Trolinger)
Holophile, Inc. - Hologram displays for marketing.
Holoworld - Laser pointer holography
Holoworld - The Internet Webseum of Holography
How to Make a Hologram Without Chemicals: 12 steps - wikiHow (Liti Holo with editing)
Integraf -- Holographic film, plates, kits, and resources
Litiholo - Hologram Kit
Liti Holographics - 3D holograms for a 3D world
Odhner Holographics - Holograms and holographic equipment
Slavich (lithuania) - Supplies, information
VOXEL/Holorad - Medical Imaging: Holograms from CT and MRI data
Yahoo! Gruppi : Hololaser
Colin Kaminski's Holography Forum
Colin Kaminski's Holography Web Site
Yves Gente The Ultimate Holography (France) - Holograms, supplies, some lasers, information

Hobbyist/Personal Laser and Optics Sites

Alan Yates' Laboratory - RF and Optical Bolometer
Allen Analian's Laserscope 800 Series Information, Service Manual, Technicians Manual
Andrea Verniani - Several Home-Built HeNe Lasers - YouTube
An unusual helium neon gas laser, with an external output coupler and multi-mode output - YouTube
Applied Science - Ruby laser (and other projects) follow-up - YouTube
Mes Expériences - Arnold lasers and laser experiments
50 Year Old Argon Ion Laser
Coherent D3 430-10 - a photoset on Flickr
Colins Diode Laserhead
Control light with magnets and olive oil?! (Faraday effect) - YouTube
Counting Atoms with the Doppler Effect - Heterodyne Interferometer - YouTube
Homemade HeNe laser ( all from scratch, not commercial tube) - YouTube
Homemade CO2 Laser Tube Part 2 - YouTube
DIY Homemade Co2 Laser - YouTube
Cnc machine tool calibration using a laser interferometer and renishaw ballbar with acorn control - YouTube
Doug Marett - How to Build a Frequency-Stabilized HeNe Laser
Ethan's Homepage - Includes HeNe, argon ion, mostly laser show related
Flavio's Copper Vapour Laser Photos
Flavio's Elliott HeNe laser from the 1970s Photos
Flavio's Ring Laser Gyro Photos
Flavio's Science, Technology and Engineering - Nightlase Technologies - Sydney, Australia
Gento's Laser Page (German)
HP 5526 Laser Interferometer Page - Dave Meier
HP 5526A Documentation
HP Laser Interferometer Evolution Page (Dave Meier)
I <3 Clare: Greenlight HPS Part 1: Getting to Know You
Jan Beck Science And Engineering - Projects on digital measurement control - encoders/metrology, uMD1, etc.
Laser Ben's photosets on Flickr - Photos of various lasers
Leslie's Dissection of a Blu-Ray Reader Assembly - Photos and description
JDSU microBlue Lasers - a photoset on Flickr
Jan Beck Projects - uMD1, LIBS, more
Jarrod's Lasers World - CO2 and dye lasers, more to come
Jerrod Kinsey - HeNe laser powered by charged PVC pipe (You Tube)
Shoreline Area News: A real laser made from household scrap
Tommy Johnson's Quantel 581C Yag laser - Experiences in repairing/restoring this laser for pulsed holography
Starlight Photonics (was Junktronix)
Peter Krogen's Lasers Project Page - Diode, DPSS, LPS, HeNe, Ar/Kr ion, and CO2.
Peter Krogen's Lasers, Robotics, Tesla Coils, Rocketry, GPS, and Other Projects Page
Peter Krogen's Coherent Avia Thor Rebuild and Enhance Page
Peter Krogen's High Power 445 nm Laser Diode Page
Les' Lab - YouTube
Leslie Wright's Laser Pages - HeNe , Yag, N2, dye lasers, PS3 violet diode dissection, more.
Lightwave 142C NPRO (Missing parts) - YouTube
Macona's Summit Lasic Laser Pictures
Alberto Marturini's Laser Page (Italian) - Assorted laser projects
Mitch's Sharplan 3000 YAG Laser Conversion Project - Improving beam quality
My cheap Chinese laser experience (Neon Forests)
Rocketman340 Lasers Web Site - Descriptions, photos, and videos of over 150 lasers, many high power and/or exotic.
Rocketman340 You Tube Videos - Include many types of lasers in action
Pulsed Argon Ion Laser Video (YouTube)
Real Genius laser final (1985) - YouTube
Sergey's Green Laser, COHERENT COMPASS 115M
Sergey's HeNe Laser Head Dissection
Photos of Spectra-Physics R2 Laser
Spectra-Physics 171 Tube Change Part 1 (YouTube)
Peter Terran's Laser Page - HeNe, YAG, Co2, diode, more.
VINCA Mini TEA CO2 laser head photos (Patrick J.)
W's Coherent Sapphire Laser Page
W's 100mW+ single mode external cavity diode lasers (ECDL)
W's Grating Based Optical Spectrum Analyzer with CCD Readout
W's Laser Project Page - DPSS, argon ion , SFPI, more (mirror of above)
W's Controller for the 315M-100 DPSS laser head
Sam Zeloof - Maskless photolithography

Miscellaneous Laser and Optics Sites

405 nm 4-6x burner diode test - Photonlexicon
Almaz Optics, Inc. - Optical materials, components, nonlinear crystals, more.
American LaserWare - Laser marking software
Breathing Life into a Vintage Gas Laser
Cable U. - Everything you ever wanted to know about fiber optic cabling
Dangerous Labs Laser Page - DPSS and CO2 examples
E-O Devices - Pulsed laser diode driver, optical receiver, laser rangefinder
GSCI-IR Optics - Night vision optics
Holoverse - 3D Displays
J.K. Erwin Corporation - Small Beam Shear Interferometer
Josh's Lab - Lasers, HV pulsed power, more
Laser-Based System Achieves Cinematic-Quality Projection (Photonics Online)
Laser Kids - Homemade Q-Switch for Solid State Lasers
Linden Laser Systems - Large screen laser projector
LMI - Non-contact measurement and control
Longitudinal Zeeman effect with a HeNe laser - YouTube
MacGyver and the Optical Pump (Humor) - YouTube
McShane, Inc. - Temperature and other process controllers
MetroLaser, Inc. - Holographic non-desctructive testing, themometry, more.
Microcontroller Designs for Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Laboratories (Edward Eyler.
Mini TEA CO2 laser head - Vinca Institue of Nuclear Sciences
Newton Research Labs, Inc - Vision systems, laser trackers, more
Apollo 22HD Ruby Laser - Niagara college standard operating procedure -
Optical Coating Library (JK Consulting)
PS3 Violet laser (Electricstuff)
RTFTechnologies Mark 3 IEC Fusion Reactor Optics - Frequency doubled SSY1 for fusion diagnostics
Shiva laser rod.mp4 - YouTube
Simple3D -- 3D Scanners, Digitizers, and Software for 3D Models and Measurements
Sonar Blu-ray Laser: How They Make It - Gizmodo
Vintage Laser Archive (Bob Hess) - Dozens of lasers from the early 1960s to the present
W's Reprogramming the Newport Model 835 Power Meter Page
W's Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer
YAG laser optical layout (chs168)| Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Zygo Z-Mike - Precision Machine Design - Alexander H. Slocum - Google Books

Electronics Info, Links, Schematics

Amateur Radio Sites

An Amateur's Guide to Ham Radios: A Guide to Ham Radios (
ARRL - American Radio Relay League
HamQuest On-line Auction
History of the Radio: From Inception to Modern Day (
The RAC Event Database for fleamarkets, hamfests, courses, etc.
Radio Education: Articles, Guides, and Tutorials (
SolderSmoke -- A podcast for electronic homebrewers!
WA2ISE's Home Page of Radios


3D Insider - 3D Printing Plans, Blueprints, and Designs
DesignWorks Home Page
JLCPCB - PCB Prototype & PCB Fabrication Manufacturer $5 for 10 2 layer boards up to 4x4"
KiCad Open Source Schematic/PCB EDA Suite
Online Circuit Simulator with SPICE | PartSim
Partsim Online Circuit Simulator with SPICE
Simbología Electrónica / Electronic Symbols
The Ultimate PCB Design Software Comparison | SFCircuits
Vinatronic inc. - PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing
Voltage Divider Calculator
Wire and Cable Related CAD Programs (Mogami)

Electronically Known (from publications)

Don Lancaster's GURU'S LAIR home page

Electronics/Technology Links

Fourier Series Pulse Train Applet (Cuthbert Nyack)
Gelabs circuits - Electronic Schematic Diagrams
Lessons In Electric Circuits (Tony R. Kuphaldt)
Satcure Electronics Links
Science/Electronics Links
Steve Saroff Electonic Data, Hobby and Tutorial Links
The 101 Best Resources for Electrical Engineers ( - Info, links, blogs, more.

General Electronics Web Pages

Basic Electronics (Sam's copy of John Adams tutorial)
British Amateur Electronics Club Archive
Build a 1000 MHz RF Spectrum Analyzer Inexpensively
Bunker of DOOM - Electronics, amateur radio, computers, much more.
Car and Deep Cycle Battery FAQ - Battery manufacturers. brand names, references and information links
Cathode Corner - home of the Scope Clock
Circuit Simulator Applet (
Delabs circuits - Electronic Schematic Diagrams
DIY Hacking - Collection of the best DIY maker projects -Arduino, Raspberry PI, Intel Edison, more.
DVG's Electronics Pages - Old computers and other interesting stuff
ECMA - Standardizing Information and Communication Systems
Electronics - Projects, links, articles, more
Electronics 2000 - Baisc info, links, classifieds, etc.
Jim Hawkins' Radio and Broadcast Technology Page
Homo ludens electronicus - projects and info
Measuring Capacitor ESR and Inductance
Mike's Electric Stuff
Freecycle - Get broken stuff free (among other things!)
Jim Lux's Website - High voltage, lightning, radio. nuclear, etc.
Magnet Formulas (Eric Dennison)
Ohm's Law - Ohm's Law
Practical Transformer Winding
Radiomuseum - Antiquee radios and other equipment
Sigurthr Enterprises - Adventures in Electrical Engineering - Hardware and software resources
Todo Electrónica: página principal (Spanish) - Info, schematics, more.
Transistor Article (Bruce Carsten)
Transistor Museum Construction Projects Point Contact Germanium Western Electric Vintage Historic Semiconductors Photos Alloy Junction Oral History
Video Animation Hardware
Seattle Robotics Society
Richard Steven Walz's WWW Home Page
Wenzel Associates, Inc. Home Page

High Voltage Sites/Info

Cockroft Walton Voltage Multipliers
Extreme Electronics - Experements with Tesla Coils and High Voltage
High Voltage Association
High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook (Jim Lux)
High Voltage Multiplier Electrical Limits
High Voltage Stuff (Blackburn)
Marx Generators (Jim Lux)
Ness Engineering HV and Pulsed Power Related Links
PMT Power Supply using CCFL Inverter
Tesla, Tesla Coils, Jacob's Ladder, High Voltage
Steve's High Voltage Page
Tesla Coil Ring
Tesla Coil Mailing List
Tesla Coils Safety Information - (

On-Line Electronics Calculators

555 Astable Circuit Calculator
Air Core Inductor Coil Inductance Calculator
Calculatoredge - Free online calculators for engineers
CalcTool: Quick and easy everyday calculators
CalcTool: RLC or LC circuit calculator
CalcTool: Solenoid properties calculator
Calculator for a.c. Resistance of a Round Straight Wire
Cockcroft walton Voltage Multiplier Calculator
Cockcroft walton Voltage Multiplier Calculator (Extreme Electronics UK)
Coil32 - Ferrite torroid calculator
Electrical Calculators - Conversions, RLCs, trig, power, more
Electronics Calculators (
Electronics Calculators (
Field on Axis of a Ring Magnet Calculator - Magnet resourcesu.s. ar
Field Calculator for Off-Axis Fields Due to a Current Loop
Flat Spiral Coil Calculator
NTC Thermistor Resistance Calculator V2.0
Ohm's Law Calculator - Includes 555 timer, LED, resistor color code, more.
Skin Depth Calculator - RF Cafe
SMPS Power Supply and Electronics - Calculators and Reference
Solenoids Magnetic Field Calculator (Hyperphysics)
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Schematics and Circuit Links

Analog Innovations - Spice models, circuits
Discover Circuits - free electronic circuits, schematics, diagrams, designs
Eagan Technical Services, Inc. - Reverse engineered schematics, more.
Electronic Circuits (Aaron Cake)
Electronics Projects - Descriptions and schematics for a variety of projects, tips, more
Tomi Engdali's - Electronics info page - A/V & Misc Pinouts
Schematics, Datasheets, Service Manuals Exchange - Growing collection of free info
Schematics For Free - Audio, video, test equipment, misc - Circuits, pinouts, links, more.
Technology Systems - Electronic parts and kits for the hobbist, links, schematics, more.
Wenzel Associates, Inc. - Some info on oscillators, links

Test Equipment

Custom-Cal - Photonics and optical instrument repair and calibration
Dan's Home-Built O-Scope Page
ESR Meter (Ludens Electronics)
GEKCO - Video test pattern generators
GlobalTestSupply - Test equipment, electronic production and process instruments, more
HP Electronic Test Equipment Parts (Sphere)
HP Test Equipment Parts Cross Reference (Sphere)
Huntron, Inc. Personal Troubleshooting Workstation
JM Test - Test equipment rental, purchase new or used, calibration service, repair
Julian's Collection of Tektronix Oscilloscopes, Plug Ins, and other non-Tektronix Test Equipment
OscilloScope Tutorial (Williamson Labs)
Parrot Test Probe Home Page
Quantum Data - Video test equipment
The Simpson 260 Resource Page - Information - photographs - free manuals
Simpson Electric - Includes operator manuals
Sphere's Used Electronic Test Equipment Fusion splicers, test equipment, more.
Test Equipment Rental, Repair & Sales - Axiom Test Equipment
Tek Stories - vintageTEK – A Museum of vintage Tektronix Equipment
Tektronix Learning Center
TestMart - New and used.
Transient Specialists - EMC Test Equipment for EMI surge, EFT & ESD test equipment
Used Test and Semiconductor Production Equipment Dealers
ValueTronics International, Inc. - Test equipment
XYZs of Oscilloscopes: Introduction (Tektronix)

Vacuum Tube Stuff

Antique Electronic Supply Online!
Antique Radio Classified
The Circuit Archive - Vintage and antique equipment
Duncan Amp's - Vacuum tube info, data, links, more.
Fun With Tubes
GEO - the Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page
MachMat's analogica tube information
Nostalgia Air - Vintage electronic equipment references
Triode Electronics - Home Page & World HQ
Triode Electronics - Tube Audio Links Page
Tube Amp FAQ 1/20/99 (Frames supported)
Tube Collectors Association
Tube Museum - THE Reference for all sorts of vacuum tube stuff
Virtual Valve Museum

Electronic Components
BOIN´s Semiconductor Linkpage - Wafer, IC, electronics, chip information.
Chip-In Program — USBid
Component Search - (30 day free trial)
Datasheet Archive - Datasheets and application notes from thousands of companies
Datasheet4you - Datasheet library, search, links - Integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. - Electronic Component Search | Datasheet and Supplier Information
DigChip IC database Search
JEDEC Semiconductor Standards - Electronic parts search and price comparison - Electronic components search engine
Pronine Electronics Design - Inductor Color Code
Roy J. Tellason's Parts Pages - Includes Japanese transistors, some chips, more parts, and growing.
TIP Semiconductor (Transistor, diode, IC) Cross reference

General Semoconductor Information and Datasheets Links

Chip directory - Amsterdam
ChipDocs - Datasheets for Electronic Components and Semiconductors
IEEE Engineering 360/ - Searchable Engineering Catalogs on the Net
Semiconductor datasheets on the Web - Root page
TDS-Net - The Electronic Components Web Database

Miscellaneous Component Info/Links

Amidon Associates - Iron powder and ferrite, including cores and transformers
Amphenol Alden Products
Amphenol World Headquarters
Group Arnold - Magnetic Product Group of SPS Technologies
AVX - Capacitors, resistors, etc.
Outline of Capacitor Class Ratings
Chrysalis Design - Recreation of obsolete chip functions
DEL Electronic Corp. - High Voltage Power Supply Solutions
DuraCap International
Elm Electronics - ICs for the hobbyist
General Atomics Energy Products Components and Systems
Hivolt Capacitors Limited - Capacitors for pulsed lasers and similar applications (China) - HV rectifiers, etc.
Leroy's Engineering Web Site: Hardware, Components
PICO - Ultra Miniature DC-DC converters, transformers, etc.
Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. - AC/DC and DC/DC converters and more
Triad Magnetics
Vacuum tube 'integrated circuits' links
Wire - MWS Wire Industries
Wire Gauge Calculations (Mogami)

Other Component Manufacturers

Astrodyne: Siwtchmode power supplies
Caddock - High Performance Film Resistors
Duracap (Mallory) Products
HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (China) - High voltage components including capacitors and resistors
Kings Electronics - RF and high voltage connectors
Ohmcraft -- High voltage resistors.
Sola/Hevi-Duty - Constant voltage ferroresonant transformers
Norfolk Capacitors Limited (UK)
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

Semiconductor Component Manufacturers/Datasheets

Allegro Microsystems
Burr-Brown Corporation
Directed Energy - MOSFETs, LD drivers, pulse and digital delay generators
EDI - Standard and custom HV rectifiers
H.V. Component Associates - HV diodes
iC-Haus: Standard and custom ICs including laser diode drivers
International Rectifier - Keyword Search
KEMET Electronics Home Page
Linear Technology Corporation
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
National Semiconductor (now TI)
Nichia America Corporation (Motorola) - ICs, discretes, etc.
Semelab - Power, RF, Opto
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas -- Camas, Washington
TI Semiconductors
Unitrode Semiconductors
Vishay Siliconix - MOSFETS, power ICs, optoelectronics, etc.

Surface Mount Identification

Robs Electronics Web Site: SMD marking codes
Code SMD Halbleiter
SMD Component Indentifier (German)

Universal Semiconductor Replacement Companies

NTE Electronics, Inc. Web Site, Welcome


A Two-into-one Homemade Neon Dimmer
All-Appliance-Parts.Com - Parts, on-line chat, email help.
Appliance Aid - Large appliance info, repair, links, parts/mfgs, email help, more. - Large appliance forums, manuals, more.
Appliance Parts - Includes repair forum
Appliance Parts From Appliance Help
Appliance Repair Forum - Free service answers - Appliance parts, includes basic tips on appliance repair
Appliance Parts - Discount appliance parts
Appliance-Repair-It - Appliance repair guide for all major home appliances
Appliance Repair Net - EB Large appliance repair manuals for sale.
Appliance411 - Appliance purchasing, service, repair, links, forum, info.
Battery University - Lots of info on batteries
Bremerton Office Machine Company – Typewriter Specialist – Expert typewriter repair since 1947
Cagle's Secure on-line sales of JennAir, Kitchenaid, Appliances and Parts.
Calrad Inc. World Wide Web Site
Colin Electric - Electric motor service
Dale Electric Supply
eSpares - Appliance parts and accessories (UK)
Ezee-Fix (UK) - Specialists in appliance spare parts
Easy Appliance Parts - Repair parts for major applicances
Every Appliance Parts - Parts supplier for large applicances -- Large appliance repair info/forum/email help
Garrell's Appliance Center / Service, Repair, Parts
Grainger - Equipment and supplies
The Old Appliance Club - Animation: How A Washer Works - Repair parts for major appliances - Resources and appliance repair help
PC Richard - Large appliance parts
Power Factor Article (Microconsultants) - Large appliance parts, help, and more (same as above).
Gracie Appliance - Heating and cooling
Ransom Spares (UK) - Electrical & gas appliance spare parts
Ransom Spares (UK) - Appliance repair help & advice centre
Repair Clinic - Large appliance parts, help, and more.
Sears Parts Direct - On-line store
Small - Appliance parts
Spares 2 (UK) - Appliance parts, spares and accessories
Therm-O-Disc Home Page


8-Track Heaven -- 8 Track Tapes, Players, Eight Track Tape Collecting, and 8-Track Mind Zine
Angela Instruments - Audio components and kits
Antique Electronic Supply Online! - Free audio equipment schematics and manuals
Audio Analogue(tm) Unofficial WWW page
Audio Service Manuals - A. G. Tannenbaum
Duncan's Amp Pages - Guitar amps, tube info, design tools
Free Speed Check - Turntable strobe discs and more
GEO - the Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page
HiFi Engine - Owners and service manuals, and other audio component information - Sie sind im Bereich : International Page (German)
Milbert Amplifiers, Inc.
Musical Instrument Technicians Association - Specialize parts sources
Naked Resource Audio
Peavey Electronics Corporation Internet Site
Tube Amp FAQ (~keen)
Tube Amp Troubleshooting (~keen)
Tube Asylum - Vacuum tube amp, etc., BBS
Unique Audio Products (Humor, really!)
Valve Radio Repair and Restoration

CD/DVD/LD/MD/Optical Disc

Adding a Digital Audio I/O to the Sony D141 - Blu-ray players, movies, etc.
CD Media World - All sorts of CD and DVD information
CD-R FAQ (Andy McFadden)
CD-ROM Technical Summary
CD: Jitter, Errors & Magic ( - Explanation of CD disc coding, etc.
CED Magic (Obsolete RCA system)
Dissection of a Blu-Ray Reader Assembly - Photos and description (Leslie)
DiyouPCB - Open-source PCB printer using a Blu-Ray™ pickup
DVD Demystified
Holographic Versatile Disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
LaserDisc Database - Welcome to the LaserDisc Database
LaserDisc Player Manuals and Schematics (
LaserDisc UK Web Site - Info, links on most LD players
MD Community Page: User and Service Manuals
MD Community Page: Homepage
Metropoli files - CDROM info and drivers
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer- CD Lasers: Interactive Java Tutorial
OSTA Home Page


Randy Fromm's Web Site - Everything for arcade games
Mike's Arcade Shop
NES Repair Shop - Nintendo game parts, service
Pinball, Video and Jukebox corner -
Pinball Machine Repair (Marvelous Marvin) - All pinball

Home Maintenance and Repair

AAA Remotes - Garage door opener parts, on-line exploded diagrams
Air Conditioner BTW Calculator (Your Best Digs)
Automatic Garage Door Openers - Garage Remotes and Parts - Chamberlain
Bell System Memorial - Everything to do with old phones and the Phone Company
Best Home Gear - Includes some DIY info - DIY home Improvement/repai
Code Check - Help with Building Codes
Consumer Reports Online
CSICOP/Skeptical Inquirer/Jan 98/Magnetic Water and Fuel Treatment:
DIY Home Improvement Information |
The Electrical Resource - Links to electrical construction, maintenance, operation, equipment, supplies, more. - Electricians and NEC Q&A, tools, links, more.
History of Communications – Through the ages - Home improvement planning, ideas, how-to's, and repairs
Home Automation Systems, Wiring and Electronics |
Home Improvement & Repairs from Hometime
M&M Tool Parts - Power tool parts and info
Magnetic Water and Fuel Treatment: Myth, Magic, or Mainstream Science? - CSI
MisterFixit dot com
National Electric Code Internet Connection
Navy - Antique telephones information and repair
Old Time Telephones! - Oldphoneworks
Phone-Man's Home Page
The Sci.Engr.Heat-Vent-AC F.A.Q. - faq1.htm
Telephone Tribute - Technical information
Telephones UK - Telephones 1960-1980
1-800-Tool Repair - Tool repair, replacement parts and service

IR Remote Controls and Protocols

1-800-Remotes remote controls for TV DVD beat universal remotes
Epanorama: Optoelectronics
LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control
RCA TV electronics DVD players DirecTV DSS VCRs camcorders audio products
Remote Central - Universal remote control reviews and more!
nt remote controls
Remotes - Radio Shack and One-For-All Remotes - Remote controls, original remotes, universal remote controls, tv remote
Sony consumer electronics guide: Customer Service
Universal Remote Control Codes

Microwave Oven

AMI - Microwave repair parts
All Appliance Parts
Panasonic Commercial Microwave Service Manuals


GEKCO - Video test pattern generators
Monitor Adjustment Info
MµShield Magnetic Shielding
Nokia - monitor test program
Repairing the flashing on-off light on the LiquidVideo L17LCD2 monitor
PassMark MonitorTest - Test monitors and LCD flat panel screens
SONERA Technologies DisplayMate Video Utilities
Superput's Various Simple PC Monitor Display tests
Test patterns and images for TVs and monitors


A Laser Printer Book (Steven Burrows) - On-line info including some on repair
All Laser Service - Laser printer error code/troubleshooting info
Ames Supply Company - Copier service tools, parts, etc.
Copier, Printer, Fax and MFC Cross Reference Guide
Depot America - HP and lexmark printer parts and info
Do-It-Yourself InkJet and Laser Printer Repair -
HP - PartSurfer
Metrofuser - Printer parts for service providers and resellers
Parts Now! - Parts and service, info - Hacking, cleaning, and maintaining printers
The Copier Network - Copier (mostly) forum
The Printer Network - Printer (mostly) forum

PC (Mostly) Repair/Upgrade/Maintenance and Datacomm

3D Forged | 3D Printing Our Way Into the Future
Windows Troubleshooting
Apple Macintosh Computer Repair Resources
ATX Power Supply Developer Specs - ATX12V_PSDG_2_2_public_br2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Computercraft - THE PC repair/upgrade info site
Computer History Museum - "Antique" chips
Driver download Dll service manual user guide schematic repair firmware windows software PC free :
Elite Gaming Computers | How to Build Your Own Gaming Computer
The Hardware Book - Circuits, pinouts, cable and adapter descriptions, more.
Inverter - CCFL inverter repair for laptops/LCD monitors
Metropoli files - CDROM info and drivers
Mauritron Tech. Services - Service Info: VCR, TV, PC Repair - User/service manuals, drivers, DLLs, articles. forums, more.
Obsolete Computer Museum - Pinouts for PCs, adapters, cell phones, etc.
Superput's Hardware Page - PC pinouts, monitor test patterns, links.
The PC Guide! - Config., upgrade, troubleshooting, repair
Troubleshooters.Com: PCs, Win95, Internet, etc.
VESA Home Page - Video Standards Association

Small Engines/Equipment Sites/Information

Briggs & Stratton - Small engines
Kohler - Small engines
Lawn-Boy - Lawn mowers and snow blowers
Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance Help
Manufacturer's Supply - Small Engine and Lawn Mower Parts
M & D Mower Repair
Mower Parts 4 Less
Oscar Wilson Engines & Parts Inc
Outdoor Power Equipment - Includes links to manuals, belt and engine torgue specs, more.
Replacement Commercial Parts Warehouse - Lawn mower parts and more
Tecumseh - Small engines - 89 Riding Mower Brands, 38 Mower Manufactures, Who Makes What
Tower Hobbies - Radio Controlled Engines Made Easy!
Transistor ignition circuit patent (4163437)
Turf Depot - Dealer including parts for Ariens, Toro, Cub Cadet Echo Lawn Equipment
V.E Petersen - Small engine, marine, industrial, and automotive parts


Allegro | Products | A8438 Photoflash Capacitor Charger with IGBT Driver
Don's Xenon Flash and Strobe Page
The Hacker's Guide to the SX-70 (SX-70-FAQ)
My party strobe light - Good use for old PC/Monitor?

Switchmode Power Supply

How to Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply - WikiHow
Computer Power Supply - ATX PC Pinouts, Schematics, Repair
Infineon Corporation
IR, Corp. - Electronic Ballasts using IR215X Devices (AN995a)
IR, Corp - Electronic Ballast. Compact Fluorescent (irplcfl1.pdf)
IR, Corp - Electronic Ballast. Linear Fluorescent Tube (irpllnr1.pdf)
IR. Corp - Ultra-Compact F-lamp Ballasts using IR51 (DT95-3)
Lambda Electronics Inc. - Main Menu
Simple Inverter (Aaron Cake)
SMPS Links - Lazar's Electronics Corner
Switching-Mode Power Supply Design (
Switching Power Supply (SMPS) Design - Tutorials, circuits, tools
Switching-Mode Power Supply Website Links
200W ATX PC POWER SUPPLY - Includes several PC and ATX PSU schematics


Electronix Corp. - VCR, TV, Repair, Parts, Service
Fernsehmuseum1- Sie sind im Bereich : international page (German)
GEKCO - Video test pattern generators
Mauritron Tech. Services - Service Info: VCR, TV, PC Repair
PALsite - The home of the PAL video system
PTS Electronics Corp. - Refurbished TV Parts
Sams Technical Publishing (formerly Howard Sams)
Sams' Photofacts
Satellite TV Information and FAQs
Sony TV Tuner replacement YouTube video (Bill Tate)
Television Manuals : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Tru-line Video TECHnologies - Video adjustment FAQs - Repair shop directory. Limited but you might get lucky. - Some links
TV, Audio and Video Repair (Spanish)
TV Technical Assistance (Dennis Viereck)
UK Satellite TV Spares & Repairs

Video Cassette Recorder

Electronix Corp. - VCR, TV, Repair, Parts, Service
Howstuffworks - How VCRs Work
Mauritron Tech. Services - Service Info: VCR, TV, PC Repair
Studio Sound Service VCR Parts - Frank Fendley
The Impossible Feat inside Your VCR - YouTube
VCR knowledge page - Info on VCR non-standard video signals
VCR Repair Database (
Video University On-A-Disk

Manuals/Schematics/Repair Guides - Automotive Manuals, Wiring Diagrams and Service Literature
A. G. Tannenbaum - Service manuals.
Antique Radio Resources: Schematics
ARTEK MANUALS- Test equipment (mostly, and mostly HP.Tek) manuals - Free audio equipment schematics and manuals
EService - Free electronics service info
Fast Repair Guide -CRT, LCD, Plasma, DVD, some free guides
HCSD Online - Service manuals for Austrialian consumer electronics
Heathkit Manuals (Data Professionals)
The Heathkit Virtual Museum - Some schematics and info
HitachiServiceUSA Public Entry
HP Equipment - Manuals archive
KO4BB's Manuals Directory
ManualMan - Vintage manuals for amateur, audio, and radio related equipment
Manual-Buddy - Consumer electronics user and service manuals - Consumer electronics (fee for download)
Mauritron Technical Services (UK) - Manuals. publications, CDROM
Medical Device Repair - iFixit
Medical Imaging Repair - iFixit
Newport Measurement and Process Control Manuals Download - User/service manuals, drivers, DLLs, articles. forums, more. - Find your user guide, user guide, instruction manual or owner manual instantly !
Sams Technical Publishing (Sams' Photofacts, etc.)
SBC Manuals/Schematics Downloads Mirror Site
Schematics and Service Manuals - TV, monitor, laptop, more
Schematics, Datasheets, Service Manuals Exchange - Growing collection of free info
Service Manuals and User Manuals, Repair Manuals and Schematics
ServiceManuals.Net - Consumer electronics service manuals
Simpson Electric Operator's Manuals - Simpson test equipment - Vintage consumer electronics manuals
PDF Manuals - User manuals for a variety of equipment
Turntable Manuals (Vinyl Engine) - Owners, service, schematics, and brochures
Vintage Manuals
Vinyl Engine - Turntable manuals and other info
West Florida Components: Electronic components, antique radio schematics

Miscellaneous Repair/Info

Test AC Power Adapters by Jonathan Gordon (Free eBook, iTunes)
Alkaline Battery Shoot Out (Candlepower Forum, 2012) - How can I fix my old radio?
Antique Auto and Classic Car Restoration How To
Cable U - Training and technical support on communications cabling
EB5AGV's Workbench - Amateur radio and test equipment repair summaries
Electrónicos - Maintenance and repair forum (Spanish)
iFixit - The free repair manual
iRepair - iPhone, iPod, iPad Repair, parts, info
Organ Service Corporation - Home Page
W D Greenhill & Co. - Electronic musical instrument repair and parts (Russian) - Consumer electronics schematics

Education and Tutorials

101 Science - Science Learning Center (
All About Circuits :: Complete guide to Electric Circuits - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more
Bad Designs - Table of Contents
The Decline of Hobby Electronics? - YouTube - Scientific techniques, experimental methods, & investigative tools for the inventor, researcher and laboratory pioneer
Electronics Educational Links (
Electronics tutorials links (Component Kits, LLC)
EPE - Basic Soldering Guide
Testfreaks - Reviews and tests consumer electronics
The Geek Group
The Heathkit Virtual Museum
How Stuff Works - Introductory articles on common technology
How Things Work Home Page
Metrology HandBook Index
NEETS - Navy's Electrical Engineering Training Series (mirror)
NEWTON/ANL - BBS/Ask a scientist
NIST WebBook
Play-Hookey! - Introductory digital electronics, computer, optics, etc.
ThomasNet - Articles on various topics from adhesives to valves

Parts/Commercial Sites Online Yellow Pages - Phone Book - Business Directory - Phonebook
Electronics Manufacturers and Suppliers Links
Electronics News - New components distributors and latest industry technology - Electrical, mechanical, hardware, etc.
Octopart - Electronic components, search engine, datasheets
Online Technology Exchange Web - Electronic components search engine
Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine
Radio Shack Catalogs Archive
Thomas Regional Directory
Used Test Equipment and Used Semiconductor Production Equipment Dealers - Index

Electronics Distributors/Suppliers

Allegro MicroSystems Inc. (Sanken among others)
Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Black Box On-Line Catalog
BulbTown is the one-stop shop for your lighting needs! We have a great selection of low-priced colored lights, miniature bulbs, hard-to-find lights & more!
Calrad Inc. World Wide Web Site - Electronics components, test equipment, PCB fabrication supplies, more.
CML - Automotic and illumination
Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
Element14: Design Engineer Community | Online Electronic Resources and Support
Express Electronics - Electronic components, obsolete components, shortage components |
Farnell Electronic Components - World-wide supplier
Galco Industrial Electronics - Parts, motor drive, lighting, control, more.
H.V. Component Associates (HV diodes)
HV Stuff - High voltage capcitors. diodes/rectifiers, wire
Jameco Electronics
Mouser Electronics
Newark Electronics
Obsolete Electronic Parts Distributors | Authorized electronics distributor
Radio Shack

Electronics Service Parts Sources

Agilent Test and Measurement Parts Catalog - Find-A-Part
Antique Electronic Supply Online!
Asti Magnetics - Flybacks, video heads, etc.
B & D Enterprises
Cosel U.S.A., Inc. - AC and DC power supplies
Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc. : Power Tool Parts and Tool Repair
Electronic Repair Parts Kalamazoo Michigan
Fargo Enterprises, Inc. - Kodak repair parts, etc.
Grainger Industries (motors, etc.)
Headway - Supplier of obsolete electronic components
Heathkit Educational Systems/Parts - Recreation of obsolete chip functions
MCM Electronics HomePage
Pacific Semiconductors Inc. - Homepage
Panasoni Support
Parts Express Home Page
Parts-Link: Pioneers in electronic parts resources.
Procure Electronic Components - Commercial & Military IC Distributor - Procure International, Inc. - Home Page
Ramsey Electronics - On-line Parts
Russell Industries - Distributor influcing PRB, EVG, more
Satcure - UK satellite TV & CB radio spares, & repairs
Sears Parts and Accessories

Surplus - Walk-In/Mail Order/On-Line

Electronics surplus and science catalogs list, outlet stores and surplus supply websites
Electronics Surplus of the Western United States - Patrick J. Jankowiak, October 2011 Road Trip
A1 Electronic Parts - New and surplus
All Electronics Corp.
Alltronics - New and surplus electronics, some lasers/optics/telecom
Angela Instruments
B.G. Micro (Electronics, Kits, Surplus, Online Catalog) - Electronics and other surplus
DIY Electronics - Electronic Kits and Links
Electronic Goldmine. Electronic Wholesale Surplus, Electronic Kits
Electronic Rainbow
The - Surplus including HV components, test equipment, more.
EIO Electronic Surplus
Excess Solutions (acquired) Halted Specialties - Excess Solutions Homepage
Halted Specialties - Acquired by Excess Solutions
Herbach and Rademan
HGR Industrial Surplus - Motors, electrical, tooling, machinery, robotics, pneumatics, more
Images SI, Inc. - Science, robotics, electronics and technology
Information Unlimited - Weird Project Stuff
Jameco Electronics
MPJA Electronics Mail Order Co.
Scientific Surplus - Lab and test equipment (mostly higher priced)
Silicon Valley Surplus Sources, LLC - Variety of surplus items
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
West Florida Components: Electronic components, antique radio schematics

Miscellaneous Parts, Kits. tools

A1 Parts
All Electronics - New/surplus
Almost All Digital Electronics - Kits and Software
AMSL - Used lab, test, research equipment
Angela Instruments - Audio components and kits
Arcade Electronics Store - Electronics parts and supplies
Archimedes/Amazon electronics123 - Kits, books, projects, etc.
Boondog Automation - Schematics, PCB layouts, kits, etc.
Budget Robotics - Parts and supplies for DIY robotics projects
Circuit Creations - Electronics kits
DIY Electronics - Kits, info, links
Electronic kits and circuits for electronics lovers
Gateway Elex
Magenta Research - Video over Cat5, CAT5 VGA and TV Systems, KVM Switches
Metric Home Page - Test Equipment
Ramsey Electronics - Kits, RF, robotics, HV, learning, much more
Silicon Valley Surplus Sources
Tower Hobbies!
United Nuclear - X-Ray Components
Zoro Tools - Industrial Supplies, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, more

FCC Information

FCC ID Search Form
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
FCC On-line Databases
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Repair: FCC IDs

Patent Information - PDF or TIFF download by patent number
USPTO Databases: Patent, Bibliographic, and AIDS
Google Patents - Patent number and advanced search
Fresh Patents - Patent applications
United States Patent: 5,129,061 - Wang SDP Patent
United States Patent: 4,737,921 - Sam's DDD Patent
United States Patent: 7,653,318 - Sam/Yifie Photonic phase locked loop detector/discriminator


The Art of Electronics - Horowitz and Hill
Delmar Publisher's Electronic Technology Resource Center
EE Times
Elektor Electronics - the electronics and computer magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE)/ ETI Magazine
HP Labs - Advanced Research at HP
IBM Technical Journal
IEEE Spectrum
Integrated Publishing - Engineering and other links
The Institute of Physics
LabX Auctions
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page - Text Version
Machine Design Online
MICSCAPE - Amateur Microscopy On-Line Magazine
NASA Tech Briefs Online
Nuts & Volts Magazine
Popular Mechanics - Homepage
Popular Science - Homepage
Science Daily Magazine -- Home Page
Science Magazine
Silicon Chip Electronics Magazine for Hobby Electronics, Computing, Kits and Projects.

Science Sites/Information

Ask the Physicist!
The Amateur Scientist CD-ROM - Every article and much more (from Surplus Shed)
American Scientist
The Bell Jar Vacuum Newletter - Index of Electronic Articles
Allis-Chalmers Betatron Tube X2-82G MACHLETT - Scientific techniques, experimental methods, and investigative tools for the inventor, researcher and laboratory pioneer
DIY Physics Blog - Experimental modern and quantum physics for Do-It-Yourself science enthusiasts
Electronics/Science/Hobby Projects (Bill Beaty, Main Site)
Electronics/Science/Hobby Projects -(Bill Beaty, Alternate Site)
The Franklin Institute Science Museum - Home-built accelerators
HyperPhysics - Summary info on all sorts of physics topics
Historical Physics Teaching Apparatus
Magnet Man - Cool Experiments with Magnets
NASA Tech Briefs TechSearch - Technology of the Week
NASA News Releases
NLM HyperDOC: World-Wide Web (WWW) Server of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Physics Forums
PhysicsWeb - home
Frank Potter's Science Gems
PV Scientific Instruments Online Catalog
The Sands of Time Mechanical Museum
Santa Barbara Science - Links
Science/Electronics Links
Science Hobbiest - Bill Beaty
Science Blog - Blogs on many science-oriented topics
Science Jokes
Science News Online - The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science
Science Toys - Supplier and info for cool science projects
Tesla Systems Research - Tesla coils and other science demonstration products
The Science Guide
SciCentral: Gateway to the Best Science and Engineering Online Resources
TIPTOP/VLAB - Physics related simulations, animations, etc.
X-ray Generation Forum (Mike Gray)

Weird Stuff - High voltage (and laser) discussion groups and more
Sam Barros' PowerLabs! - Chemlabs, high voltage, lasers, more.
Barry's Coilgun Design Site - Theory, design, implementation
Can Crusher Home Page - RPI Plasma Dynamics Lab toy
Information Unlimited - Weird project and parts
Lightning On Demand - Really big sparks
Welcome | Collect Medical Anitques
The Museum Of Electricity
Nyle Steiner's (K7NS) Cool Stuff Page - Homemade CRTs, TEA lasers, more
Peter's Engineering and Tech Page
POWERLABS's Microwave Experiments Page!
Science Hobbyist: Amateur Science experiments, demonstrations, projects
Teralab - Experiments, electronics and historic technology.
Tesla Orchestra - Musical Lightning Bolts and Theatrical High-Voltage Stunts

Vintage Adders, Calculators. and Computers, Typewriters

A Timeline of the History of Computers (
Autonetics D17B - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Autonetics D17B Minuteman I Missile Computer Photographs
Autonetics D17B Computer Applications
Proceedings of the Second Meeting of the Minuteman Computer Users Group
Autonetics D17B Info (
Datamath Calculator Museum
DigiBarn Calculation Devices: Comptometers by the Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company
The Friden Web Site
Friden EC-130 Electronic Calculator
The Friden SRW
Friden Model STW-10 Electro-Mechanical Calculator
Marchant Calculators Photos by Model
Manx - On-line computer manuals
Monroe LN-160X
The Museum of HP Calculators
The Museum of HP Calculators - Motor Driven Mechanical Calculators
The Old Calculators Web Museum
Marchant Model ACR8M Calculating Machine | National Museum of American History
Vintage Calculators Web Museum
The 2.5ton calculator: Rebooted, 1951 computer that definitely won't fit in your pocket | Mail Online
The Typewriter Revolution blog: Underwood family reunion
Underwood Typewriter Model Serial Number Database

X-ray Systems

Ritter X-Ray Models - Information, photos, manuals, schematics, more
X-Ray Tube Heating and Cooling
DIY X-ray CT scanner controlled by an Arduino - YouTube


Boys Build A Cyclotron | Modern Mechanix
Fred's World of Science: Cyclotron I
Fred's World of Science: Cyclotron II
The Houghton College Cyclotron: a Tool for Educating Undergraduates - we1pb01.pdf
The Cyclotron Kids Project
Koeth Cyclotron (Rutgers)
The Central High School Cyclotron

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