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Fuser Roller collects toner on laser printer

"I have an AST TurboLaser/PS (also known as an DEC LN03, a Brother, etc, etc.). When I bought it someone had let a ring of melted toner collect on the fuser roller until it had burnt through the coating and ruined the roller. So I replaced it and ran a few thousand copies through the printer. Now I notice that the roller is beginning to collect a bit of toner again. Just how does someone clean that roller without pulling the coating off? I tried the usual wiping with a paper towel and that removed some of it but there is still a hint of it left and a few more copies begins to let it accumulate again."

(From: FAXFIXR (justdfax@cdepot.net).)

I would bet the "picker fingers" or "separation claws" are in need of replacing. They are the claw type pieces that ride on the roller and prevent paper from sticking to the roller. The end that rides on the roller will build up a coating of toner and crud and will wear a groove thru the teflon coating of the roller. Once the teflon coating is gone, toner builds up in the groove and shows up on each page as a faint line.