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Adjustment of the internal SCREEN and color controls

The screen should be adjusted with a white pattern (snow from the tuner should do or turn the user COLOR control all the way down to get a black and white picture). Put the set in Service mode (horizontal line) if it has such a switch in the back or inside. If not, just use the raster in a darkened room. Adjust screen for a dim white line (raster). If the line is not white at its dimmest point, you will need to adjust the drive and cutoff controls for R, G, & B.

Alternatively, you can use the following procedure:

Turn R, G, and B screen (or background) controls down. Now turn color control fully counterclockwise -- off. Now turn up red screen until the screen just shows a red hue. Now turn red gun down until red tint just goes away. Now do the same with the green and blue screen controls. Now adjust the two DRIVE controls for the best black and white picture. That`s all there is to it. I don`t like to work with just a thin "SETUP" line. Cartoons seem to be the best thing to have on while doing the above procedure. You can also use just plain snow (no program) if you prefer. If you can obtain a good b@w pic. when you`re done, the tube is good and the set if most likely functioning properly. Be patient and go slow while watching the large mirror that you are using during this procedure. (LEE)