NotTaR of Television Sets : CRT purity adjustment                   
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CRT purity adjustment

Purity on modern CRTs is usually set by a combination of a set of ring magnets just behind the deflection yoke on the neck of the CRT and the position of the yoke fore-aft. As always, mark the starting position of all the rings and make sure you are adjusting the correct set if rings!

Use the following purity adjustment procedure as a general guide only. Depending on the particular model TV, the following purity adjustment procedure may substitute green for red depending on the arrangement of the guns in the CRT. This description is based on the Sams' Photofact for the RCA CTC111C chassis which uses a slot-mask CRT. The procedures for dot-mask and Trinitron (aperture grille) CRTs will vary slightly. See you service manual!

Obtain a white raster (sometimes there is a test point that can be grounded to force this). Then, turn down the bias controls for blue and green so that you have a pure red raster. Let the set warm up for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Loosen the deflection yoke clamp and move the yoke as far back as it will go,

Adjust the purity magnets to center the red vertical raster on the screen.

Move the yoke forward until you have the best overall red purity.

Now, move the yoke forward until you have the best overall red purity. Tighten the clamp securely and reinstall the rubber wedges (if you set has these) to stabilize the yoke position. Reset the video adjustments you touched to get a red raster.