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Erratic focus or screen (G2) voltage and/or controls on flyback

Symptoms may include fluctuating focus or brightness. In extreme cases, the result may be a too bright or dark picture or other behavior caused by breakdown in the Focus/Screen(G2) divider network.

Usually, this will require flyback replacement to repair reliably. Sometimes, the section with the controls can be snapped apart and cleaned but this is not common.

First, just try rotating the screen (G2) control back and forth a few times. This may clean up the contacts and eliminate the erratic behavior. Possibly, positioning it a bit to one side of the original location will help. Then, use the individual or other master background/bias adjustments to compensate for the improper brightness.

If pressing in on the erratic control helps to stabilize the setting, you might try adjusting it to the optimal position and then put a dab of hot-melt glue (or Superglue if you can manage not to stick your fingers together) on the shaft to hold it with a little more contact force.

If none of this helps, here is a 'well it's going in the dumpster anyhow' procedure to try:

After discharging the CRT (so you don't get zapped) drill a tiny hole in the plastic cover near the bad control. Be careful you don't damage anything inside - you just want access to the contacts of the controls. Use a hand drill with, say, a 1/16" bit. Don't drill more than about 1/8" deep which should enter the airspace. Then spray some contact cleaner through the hole and work the controls. Wait sufficient time (say, 24 hours) for everything to dry COMPLETELY and see if behavior changes (or it works at all).

This is a 'you have got to be kidding' type of repair so no guarantees :-).

If by some miracle it does work, fill the hole with a drop of RTV or just put a couple of layers of electrical tape over it.

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