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Could a TV be modified for 3D (stereo) display?

The whole idea of stereo 3-D vision to put the left and right views to the appropriate eyeball. There are two common ways of doing this:

  1. Use different colors for the two views with color filters in from of each eye to separate the views. This is what were often used for the really bad (content wise) sci-fi movies of the '50s.

  2. Display alternate views on the same monitor screen but use LCD shutter glasses to allow each eye to only see the appropriate view. This requires increasing the refresh rate to avoid unacceptable flicker.

The first approach can be used with any TV and a pair of monochrome video cameras. Of course, true color cannot be used since pure colored images are needed to separate the stereo views.

Alternating views with synchronized LCD glasses is a possibility but on a standard TV, the resulting refresh rate would be 30 Hz with a 50% duty cycle which is likely to be useful only as a short experiment - else your viewers will likely develop splitting headaches.