NotTaR of Television Sets : Geometry adjustment                     
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Geometry adjustment

This refers to imperfections in the shape of the picture not handled by the pincushion and size adjustments. These types of defects include trapezoidal or keystone shaped raster and jogs or wiggles around the periphery of the raster. Unfortunately, one way these are handled at the factory is to glue little magnets to strategic locations on the CRT and/or rotate little magnets mounted on the yoke frame. Unless you really cannot live with the way it is (assuming there isn't something actually broken), leave these alone! You can end up with worse problems. In any case, carefully mark the position AND orientation of every magnet so that if this happens, you can get back to where you started. If the magnets are on little swivels, some experimenting with them one at a time may result in some improvement. Of course, it is best to obtain a service manual and follow its instructions.