NotTaR of Television Sets : Intermittent or missing colors          
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Intermittent or missing colors

This is a catch-all for some of the most common TV and monitor problems.

Note that due to the additive color scheme used in all emissive color displays like CRT or flat panel TV sets and video monitors, a single missing primary color (red, green, or blue) will result in the following appearance (for a white screen):

    Missing Color       Appearance
       Red              Cyan (blue-green)
       Green            Magenta (reddish-purple)
       Blue             Yellow

Which color is affected may be even more obvious if the set has a color on-screen display for which you recall the proper colors.

To narrow down the problem:

Most of the causes of intermittent colors boil down to bad connections of one form or another. For totally dead colors - not intermittent - bad components are also a possibility.

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