NotTaR of Television Sets : Memory chips in TVs                     
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Memory chips in TVs

(From: Mark Zenier (mzenier@eskimo.com or mzenier@netcom.com).)

Actually, they are EEPROMs. A modern TV has integrated the circuitry so that the microprocessor that controls it also sets the various adjustments like vertical height and other characteristics. The same memory that knows what channels are valid and what the brightness and other user adjustable settings are is used for factory adjustments that are set when the TV is first turned on. It's a lot cheaper to use the remote control signals that are already there than add a handful of trimmer resistors.

For service purposes there is often a magic key sequence used with your remote control to access a service page in the on screen display than can change these. Since you can easily set something that could fry the various high power deflection circuits, getting a little too curious can void your warranty, and toast your set.