NotTaR of Television Sets : Power button on set is flakey           
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Power button on set is flakey

If the on/off (or other button) on the set itself behaves erratically but the remote control works fine, then it could be a dirty button or cable or other connections to the switch PCB, particularly if the buttons on the set itself are rarely used. There could possibly be a bad pullup resistor or something of that sort - but is it worth the effort to locate?

Why not just continue to use the remote? There is no reason to suspect that it will develop similar symptoms. However, there is some risk that if the button is dirty, you may find the TV coming on at random times in the middle of the night (of course!).

I think I have an older Sylvania that does that sort of thing - don't really know as I never use the power button on the set!

If power is controlled by a hard switch - a pull or click knob, or mechanical push-push switch and this has become erratic due to worn contacts, replacements are available but often only directly from the original manufacturer to physically fit and (where applicable) have the volume or other controls built in. As an alternative, consider mounting a small toggle switch on the side of the cabinet to substitute for the broken switch. This will almost certainly be easier and cheaper - and quite possibly, more reliable.