NotTaR of Television Sets : TV was rained on                        
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TV was rained on

Was the set plugged in when the leak started? Any piece of equipment with remote power-on capability has some portions live at all times when plugged in and so there may have been damage due to short circuits etc. Substantial damage could be done due to short circuits.

Otherwise, you may just need to give it more time to dry out. I have had devices with keypads getting wet that required more than a week but then were fine. There are all kinds of places for water to be trapped and take a long time to evaporate.

If the set got wet while unplugged (in a leaky attic or wet basement), for example, or it has a pull or click knob on/off switch, then give it time to dry out - completely. Assuming all visible water is drained, a week represents a minimum safe time to wait. Don't rush it.

Generally, some moisture will not do any permanent damage unless the set was on in which case you will simply have to troubleshoot it the old-fashioned way - one problem at a time.