NotTaR of Television Sets : Removing the CRT HV connector           
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Removing the CRT HV connector

WARNING: Make sure the CRT has been discharged FIRST!

The rubber part is usually not glued down so it can be lifted rather easily. However, there may be some silicone type grease between the rubber boot (that looks like a suction cup) and the CRT glass to seal out dust.

A metal clip with a spring keeping it spread out attaches inside the button.

While there are a variety of types of clips actually used, pushing the connector to one side and/or squeezing it in the appropriate direction (peel up one side of the rubber to inspect) while gently lifting up should free it. Probably :-).

The clip (when removed) and CRT button look sort of like this:

                      ||======= HV Cable
              Clip   |  |
         (Removed)  _|  |_
                              (No DAG coating in vicinity of HV connector)
       ____________.-    -.___________
  CRT  ____________|______|___________ Glass
                 Metal Button

Replacement is done in reverse order!

This isn't rocket science and excessive force should not be needed! :-)