NotTaR of Television Sets : Reducing/eliminating yoke noise         
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Reducing/eliminating yoke noise

(From: Terry DeWick (dewickt@esper.com).)

Carefully look under vertical core next to plastic liner, on top and bottom is a plate called the astigmatism shunt, it has come loose. Work RTV, epoxy, or service cement onto it to glue it down and noise should quit.

(From: TVman (tvman@newwave.net).)

I have fixed a total of 27 of these sets with noisy yokes by removing the yokes and using motor armature spray sealant.

If you carefully mark the EXACT position of everything (yoke, purity magnets), and slide the yoke off the CRT, then once the yoke has been sealed with motor armature spray sealant and has dried thoroughly, put the yoke back EXACTLY where it was, there should be no problems.

The only thing I have had to do was set the purity on one set, but it was off a little to begin with.