NotTaR of Television Sets : My TV has the shakes                    
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My TV has the shakes

You turn on your TV and 5-10 seconds later, the display is shaking or vibrating for a second or so. It used to only occur when first turned on, but now, the problem occurs 3 times in 30 seconds. Of course, many variations on this general theme are possible.

Some possibilities:

  1. External interference - did you change anything or move your A/V setup recently? Do you have a computer monitor nearby?

  2. Defective circuitry in TV - power supply regulation, deflection, or bad internal connections are possible.

  3. Defective video cable (unlikely) - wiggle the cables to be see if you can induce the problem.

  4. Loose trim magnets of other magnetic components on or near deflection yoke. This is somewhat rare but if the adhesive comes apart, the magnetic fields from the deflection current can cause the parts to vibrate which will result in a jitter or movement of the picture. There may even be audible crackling or snapping sounds associated with this vibration.

Note that many of the sources of electromagnetic interference that are problems with computer monitors like transformers and power lines will not cause noticeable shaking, wiggling, or jiggling on a TV because the power line and vertical scan are at almost exactly the same frequency and any such movement would be very slow.