NotTaR of Television Sets : Service manuals for really old TVs      
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Service manuals for really old TVs

Try your large public library for Sams' photofacts. I found a 3" TV of from around 1948 at a yard sale. There was no problem finding a complete set of Sams' service information including full schematics, parts list (of course, finding suitable parts like tubes in the 1990s may be a bit more difficult than when this set was new!), troubleshooting procedures, etc. Someday, I may even get around to fixing it. All the paper capacitors are leaky (for starters).

BTW, the case for this 3" TV is about 18" x 10" x 15" and it includes a handy option: a 6 inch semispherical water filled magnifier. The CRT is an oscilloscope tube. Not your modern portable!