NotTaR of Television Sets : Those darn rabbit ears                  
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Those darn rabbit ears

So you bought a high performance TV and a set of $20.00 rabbit ears and there are lines on channels 2 to 6. Go buy a set of rabbit ears that has ONLY a coax connector on the back, throw the cable supplied with it in the bin for 'twist ties'. Also buy an inexpensive surge suppressor that has a cable protector, enough RG-6 cable and connectors for two cables.

You're done and if you thought carefully you would have put the antenna near your easy chair so you can adjust the picture or put the antenna where you'll get the best reception and prevent interference. The surge suppressor was needed to ground the other end of the coax so as not to make the outer shield an antenna for the interference from the TV's power supply. This method can also help allevate 'dead spots' when using rabbit ears.