NotTaR of Television Sets : TV doesn't power up immediately         
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TV doesn't power up immediately

The TV may do nothing, cycle on and off for a while, power up and then shutdown in an endless cycle - or at least for a while. Then it comes on and operates normally until it is turned off.

A couple of possibilities:

  1. The main filter capacitor or other filter capacitors in the low voltage power supply is dried up and this can cause all kinds of regulation problems.

  2. The power supply regulator is defective (or marginal) allowing excessive voltage on its output and then the X-ray protection circuitry shuts you down.

If you can get access to a Variac, it would be worth bringing up the input voltage slowly and seeing if there is some point at which it would stay on.

If there is, then if the picture has serious hum bars in it the main filter cap could be bad. If more or less a decent picture with minor hum bars then it could be the regulator.